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Godmother Page 26

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Godmother Page 25

“Oliver is having a harder time controlling his urge to flirt with his well-endowed friend. Now that he’s got what he needed, Oliver gets out of there before he does something regretful with his friend Grayson. AKA ‘Tripod’.”

Godmother Page 24

“Oliver catches himself flirting with his friend, but stopped himself a minute too late. Now Grayson thinks that Caroline is into him and starts flirting back with this incredible beauty.” Summing up 90% of SapphireFoxx stuff with one gif: — SapphireFoxx (@TheSapphireFoxx) February 2, 2018

Godmother Page 23

“Oliver is experiencing some odd side effects in his female body. He should be disgusted that his friend has an erection, but he isn’t. If fact, Oliver finds himself blushing, unable to stop checking out his friend’s bulge, and even starts flirting with him.”

Godmother Page 20

“Man, we’ve hit like five SapphireFoxx tropes within the first 20 pages. Turning into a girl, seeing a friend while a girl, giving your friend an erection, putting yourself in a situation where you’ll encounter his erection, etc.”