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  1. Shrapnel

    Oh for God’s sake, as far as modeling goes a bra and bikini is seen so much they might as well be the same thing, same goes with thongs and bikini bottoms.

    This is more a critique on social norms than it is on the comic. Besides, we look the other way entirely on boardwalks and Halloween.

    1. Steve-OZ

      On a really hot day no one thinks twice about young women walking around in 2 piece tiny bikini’s, but bras and panties… I CAN’T BE SEEN IN ONLY THIS !!!

      I agree Shrapnel, it’s hideously mixed up – and i’m not saying they can’t walk around in 2 piece’s, it’s more the hysteria if someone happens to be seen in bra and panties and nonchalant about swimsuits. If everyone stopped making such a big deal about being seen in only underwear, like they do in swimsuits, the stigma/hysteria wouldn’t be there in the first place.

      This week in Melbourne, Australia (and most of the south east coast) we experienced heat waves of 3 to 4 days of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius (around a 100 F) and a hell of a lot of people were walking around in speedo’s in guy’s and 1 or 2 piece swimsuits for girls and no one lost their shit, if it was 10 degree’s cooler there would have been arrests for public nudity

      1. Steve-OZ

        oh not sure if Speedo’s are known internationally, but they are exactly like brief jocks/undies – so they were essentially walking around towns and beaches in jocks.

        1. Jaybird

          Speedo’s are known internationally but British, American and Canadian(with the exception of Quebec) men don’t typical wear them and most never will in their lives. With regard to social norms It’s weird when you think about it but what is erotic or sexy is contextual doctors don’t get turned on when they see an attractive patient disrobes in their examination rooms (the recently convicted Michigan State doctor being one of the few exceptions) but would be if they disrobed in their bedrooms.

      2. NicoleAsagiri

        100 degrees F? 3 to 4 days? That’s typical for the Summer time where I live. It’s not uncommon to have 100 plus degree heat in Texas sometimes for a full month in the summer. Sadly, the whole double standard on swimsuits/undergarments has a very long history. But, I understand that a lot of areas have different temperature norms, and when the temp drifts out of those norms, people will go crazy.

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