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By | October 22, 2014

“It’s official! Chris is now a woman! (He only beat Jamie to it by 180 pages) Holly’s womanhood is now on him, and fully functional. Chris is about to get down and dirty with Holly for the second time in 12 hours, but he realizes that he’s got to finish the transformation. Interestingly, he’s choosing a skirt instead of pants this time.”

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3 years ago

Love this page, totally want this to happen to me.

5 years ago

Should totally add in a little camel toe to his new vagina.

tristan wallace
7 years ago

I wish that could be as easy to do become somebody you know or don’t know be cool to try lol.

7 years ago

Hey what’s 9 + 10 21

Mina Monet
7 years ago


Duck #Puns
Duck #Puns
7 years ago

His dick looks like a little head.

7 years ago

Sucker didn’t Change back into his boxers to make sure he can get his manhood back.

7 years ago

I so love this story unfolding. Really nice and very interesting 😉

7 years ago

make more Becoming Bridesmaids, Different Perspectives & lots & lots more of Halloween Switch I’m really, really like that one & I want to see more of it & if you could send me something to where I can show you how I sound & maybe be one of your voices on the animations Thanks Mr. William J. Henry AKA HappyMan

7 years ago

Chris has FINALLY crossed the last hurtle toward her becoming a true woman. As she said, she should finish the transformation and have women’s legs and feet. I was so glad and happy that my suggestion was taken and that Chris, now Holly no. 2 will wear a skirt instead of pants. Make it a micro miniskirt. She should now also put a pair of panty hose on her sexy female legs, and she also needs to wear a pair of high heel shoes. High heels are a must for her now. She also needs a purse too. Chris/Holly should… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
7 years ago

I really think all these hopes for Chris are a bit premature. I really don’t think that he’ll embrace womanhood like you expect him to. His intentions aren’t to become a woman in the long term nor do I think that anything will be permanent anytime soon. I have a feeling the Foxx wants to stray away from the norm of most TG stories with this comic and will have plenty of tricks up his sleeve. If the intention is indeed to have Chris eventually desire permanent womanhood then I think it will be a very gradual process that will… Read more »

Reply to  Cheddar
7 years ago

I kinda hope for a lesbian affair, which Holly finds out about and burns all his male clothes.

Reply to  kronkkrop
7 years ago

I second that.

7 years ago

Just how far will he go to test out his new body. he can certainly play with his body but to really get every sensation he need a certain part inside

7 years ago

i think he needs to go get his hair done with his girl friends mom and nails

7 years ago

How about stockings? If your going to wear a skirt why not go all the way. Excellent story thus far.

7 years ago

He could become an amazing female runner or cyclist if he kept those legs with a girls body, would be a really odd twist but interesting from my point of view

7 years ago

Just a pair of lace stay ups would do the trick on those rather feminine legs, love it.