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1 year ago

well chris is really going to find out what will being holly is really like as soon as he puts on her panties .

9 years ago

What if he wears earrings of two different people like one from mom and the other from holly

9 years ago

High hells please 🙂 … in next part

9 years ago

oh man, i cant wait for the next part!

Levi D Dalv
9 years ago

One step (two steps actually) before the process begins, will he pull them down again.

9 years ago

So what if a woman does not wear earrings. Not every girl fits the stereo type of wanting jewelry. Also curious what happens if he puts on maternity wear. I know I obsessed with that when I was young, stuffing pillows in my shirt.

9 years ago

“That’s one small step for Chris, one giant leap for Holly.” Just had to say that. HA HA. Thank you Neil Armstrong. Chris may not be on the moon, but it’s still one small step for him as a guy, and one giant leap for Holly (becoming a woman in general, Holly in particular). Chris now is about to go over that one last hurtle to becoming a full woman. Then he’ll have what he’s always wanted, being a full woman in every way. Still like to see her in a skirt this time and a nice pair of spike… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
9 years ago

Story time……… with the cartoonist

9 years ago

Omg! The only thing that he didn’t know once he lost his manhood is irreversible ! Haha