Godmother Page 1

By | January 12, 2018

“Oliver is a professional male model trying to make ends meet in the mean streets of New York City. As he explains to his friend Brooke, his career is in a bit of a slump.”

Another year, another comic! Here’s to series number five!

If you’re wondering, this is when Godmother takes place on the Sapphire Foxx timeline:

Maker's Game Page 26
Godmother Page 2
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1 year ago

These are good read

3 years ago

So where does stars bars and stipes come in to play in the timetable? (Haven’t been here in a while)

4 years ago

WOW, this the future? Where are the drones?

4 years ago

im with you on this one i dont get my money for another couple of days

4 years ago

Holy Crap! This series starts on my birthday!!

4 years ago

No puedo ver nada :/

4 years ago

Stealing from Sis: Wedding Bells? Did I miss that somewhere?

4 years ago

Good Luck to sam and the rest of the staff on another great Comic !! U are all top shelf !!!

Demon of Empire
4 years ago

Shifting Roommates Lives On. 10/10

4 years ago

I really hope we don’t get the big change within the first ten pages. >.<

4 years ago

Glad to see that Awakening is finally officially in the SapphireFoxx Timeline now. And was right about that it had to be the far end of the timeline. After watching the recent part of Awakening, I definitely knew that it had to be much later in the timeline. And was right. I totally called it!

Anyways, Godmother seems pretty interesting so far. Just so you know. Still hoping that it’ll be better than Maker’s Game. And if lucky maybe even possibly top Different Perspectives.

Levi D Dalv
4 years ago

So it begins…. In a February morning, Oliver gets bad news.

Reply to  Levi D Dalv
4 years ago

march. check the date friend.

4 years ago

A great twist would be if Brooke who is madly in love with Oliver and the Godmother turns her into the blonde lady.

Reply to  pragmatist
4 years ago

It would be an even greater twist if she falls in love with Oliver when he turns into the blonde lady.

4 years ago

On the first panel over to the far left you have a man standing at an angle that shows a blank face, hey foxx I gotta speak up this really creeps me out, please Sam no more blank face peopleYuck!!!!

Reply to  Vyonne
4 years ago

Sam loves blank side faces, I don’t judge, but I must agree, it is kinda creepy.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
4 years ago

Faces just aren’t shaped like that, though. Recognizable facial features like the edges of the eyes and lips are closer to the ear than on that guy’s face.

This same problem happened a few pages ago in Maker’s Game, and it was commented on there, as well.

4 years ago

So I’m kinda thinking the brown haired girl on the main page is our main character as a female. Not the blonde on the runway.

Reply to  XblackhawksX
4 years ago

The blonde on the runway is his female self that the godmother probably turns him into. The brown haired girl is the main characters girlfriend or friend.