Fractured Page 9

By | November 13, 2015

“It turns out Fox is much more wounded than we initially thought. Nearly all of his spells are completely broken from the damage he’s sustained. With healing and teleporting removed as options, he must fly back to base as soon as possible to get Isabelle to repair him. However, time is of the essence…”

I apologize to people who are having trouble reading Fox’s shattered text. If you can’t read it, Fox says:

With those sacks of hydra slime taken care of, my body needs healing quickly.

Piecing myself back together shouldn’t take too long. I just need to-

Ow! … It seems my Restoration spells are also malfunctioning.

Well, that’s not a problem. I can teleport back to base and have Isabelle repair me.

Damn it! My powers are malfunctioning even worse than I thought!

Not only could I only send one shard of myself, but it went to completely the wrong place.

With my powers so damaged, I believe I only have one option left to fix myself. I need Isabel.

Well… I’ll fly back the slow way then.

Although… my mana is slowly dropping, and I can’t recover it when I’m this damaged.

Using magic drains my mana even faster.

If my estimate is correct, I think I can fly back to the Island before I run out.

I better hurry. If it reaches absolute zero… I’m dead.

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1 year ago

i have a funny feeling that isabel will be out searching for alistair very soon.

6 years ago

Marking it back on a wing and a prayer.

6 years ago

Man consider yourself lucky Sybella isn’t here to enjoy watching you hobble home like this, Alistair

7 years ago

Not to mention the pice that guy has I Hope the Fox makes it .

8 years ago

Oh no …. He is gonna make it or not ? I gonna panic his teleport crystal is now in the north or south snow . Am now panic

8 years ago

I’m pretty sure that single shard separate from the rest is gonna come back to haunt us later.

Mina Monet
8 years ago

shit.. this is horrible..

8 years ago

It’s a good thing Foxx had Isabel take the curse’s he collected back to there base