Maker’s Game Page 246

By | June 28, 2017

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45 Comments on "Maker’s Game Page 246"

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Profile photo of EmeraldDiamondUnivere
7 minutes 59 seconds ago

Nice! Cant wait to see more of Dragon Ball Super over here. Hope Jiren beats Goku and expose how weak that Sayian really is. Oh wait ! I was supposed to be talking about this comic. Hmmmm. Sorry there….. This page shows every exquisite and detailed view of what Makers Game should be about . You have really done you role

Profile photo of yeah007
1 hour 21 minutes ago

Half skynet that would be news pete! I want to see what happens when they get out now!!!

Profile photo of EmeraldDiamondUnivere
9 minutes 41 seconds ago

I agree. Hope there is more porn

Profile photo of PeteTomPT
1 hour 52 minutes ago

Half elf? Ha. More like Half Human Half Skynet.

Profile photo of James Caras
2 hours 53 minutes ago

Nikki now has a sugar daddy.

Profile photo of Link60fly
3 hours 10 minutes ago

Is Nikki pregnant that would be Intresting

Profile photo of Cartoonist
3 hours 15 minutes ago

Humanity has long dreaded war to end all wars. Atomic bombs dropped everywhere. Cities reduced to radioactive rubble. Life in real world reduced to new stone age. Humans in game protected from outside destruction. Radioactivity for some strange reason powers game forever. In game, everything continues as normal. Aywin survives attack on his life. Becomes King Aywin. Marries Nikki and she becomes the new Queen. Couple have many children, The new dynasty of Elfvia is born and last for many thousands of years. Leena completes her transformation into a woman, and marries now Prince Leon and Leena becomes princess of… Read more »

Profile photo of Aaron R Wilson
3 hours 26 minutes ago

Me: You are forever bared from manhood and boyhood Niki
Niki: I can still be a man!
Me: No woman and man and boy would accept you as the fellas now girl. You been exiled for all eternity.

Profile photo of Teku Rhythms
4 hours 9 minutes ago

Rose: Ah Yes Elves. Not Each Hung like a bear but they’re Strength Is in their Endurance. Elven Males are Known to go all night long.

Profile photo of skyline1975
4 hours 28 minutes ago

Well , the truth might be if she becomes his wife she might be even more rich and better taken care of !
Maybe ?? What does everyone else think ?
I really like the way everyone expresses themselves on this message board , it is really very cool !

Profile photo of skyline1975
4 hours 34 minutes ago

Wow ! That was really well done.
I still think the old Nick wakes up and off’s the prince …

Profile photo of vickigirl
5 hours 30 minutes ago

o hope sh gets pregnant

Profile photo of HA55caps
5 hours 52 minutes ago

But he’s not a real person… And she should know this. He’s an NPC, a program…

Profile photo of Vlad Devil
6 hours 9 minutes ago

Why did he wait, is he planting seeds?

Profile photo of Cartoonist
7 hours 40 minutes ago

I don’t blame Nikki for wanting to stay in that game universe forever. She’s really happy now. Probably for the first time in her life. If I could become Nikki and be as happy as her, lots of sex included, I’d be happy too.

Profile photo of Cartoonist
7 hours 44 minutes ago

Nikki is all woman now in every way. I haven’t seen anyone adapt to becoming a woman this fast since Mariah in Stealing From Sis. If only Nikki and Mariah could meet each other and tell each other how happier since they each have become women. Now if only Nikki can avoid having some hitmen go after her and collect the bounty since Nikki will now have a price on her head. Hope Aywin can protect her from them. Wonder if they’ll now get married and have kids and raise a family. Nikki has now found the happiness she’s always… Read more »

Profile photo of Senko
6 hours 18 minutes ago

You do realize that being a woman doesn’t automatically = sex with a man right?