Maker’s Game Page 390

By | November 19, 2017

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28 Comments on "Maker’s Game Page 390"

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8 hours 34 minutes ago

What happened to you hikaru and Nikki why are you bigger? Lol explanations coming.

11 hours 17 minutes ago

I think that there’s a lot left to fix for this game to end. Grey Mask hasn’t given up and has some good resources at his disposal. I also think that Logan will set up the “escape to the real world” bosses again. We will need some external help for the software / hardware of AoA and for Alistair to make his magic work in Mysteria. Unless a whole bunch of sorcerers help out, kicking out the artificial souls and reinserting the real ones, that job will be super difficult. How do you make the “pod people” put on the… Read more »

9 hours 3 minutes ago

But filosoficaly talking the artificial soul is the one in the game, because it never leave the origianl body. How ever is a good story.

11 hours 35 minutes ago

The tough thing to fix with magic isn’t the language barrier, which is already solved in Age of Adventurers. It’s the sheer distances involved and the time differences. We can handle it in the continental USA, because 9am west coast is noon east coast. However, 8am east coast is 8pm of the next day in japan! Without someone moving, it’s a darn near impossible long distance relationship.

11 hours 47 minutes ago

So,there are games within video games! Card or dice and board game or do we have the ultimate meta-game? Video game within a video game. I searched. Nothing stood out as “Voodoo: The Following” on computer or not.

11 hours 18 minutes ago

Magic: the gathering is what I think is being referenced.

12 hours 33 minutes ago

Uh ha… right Hikaru. 🙄 nice lie right there… lol… 😂

13 hours 34 minutes ago

Uh oh, what if people think Hikaru is using the tablet to have his way with Nikki? That would make an interesting twist.

15 hours 16 minutes ago

How many more pages till this comic ends

14 hours 40 minutes ago

A lot more PLEASE

15 hours 36 minutes ago

I wonder when Chris and Isabel will get to the point on telling their friends that Isabel can grant their wish on being able to stay in their relationships and (for Nikki) be able to who they want to be (as Isabel has been traveling around the world and helping Alastair with curing cursed people).

15 hours 41 minutes ago

Nikki’s big bust is obvious too, I wonder how they will explain it. Chris can help with the dating together part.

15 hours 56 minutes ago

Just 10 more pages until it ties with Different Perspectives as longest comic and an extra page on that to become the new longest comic but since it seems to be wrapping up, will that happen? Maybe…

7 hours 47 minutes ago

Its not over til its over

17 hours 57 minutes ago

Will we ever see Leena ever again before or by the time this comic has finally ended. I already miss her. Wahhhhhhh…..Leena was always the best. I can’t believe she’s gone forever. boohoooooo.

14 hours 20 minutes ago

I am sure she will be needed in the upcoming showdowns. I think she will be relegated though to PIN-UP HEAVEN……:-(
I miss her already tooooooooooo……….

18 hours 27 minutes ago

Hikaru and nikki dream couple of 2017

18 hours 43 minutes ago

Yes! We have real plot again.

18 hours 50 minutes ago

And next thing we know, next page, someone will be commenting on whether or not Nikki got “fuller” as well. Then again, since when is that a bad thing? Lol

18 hours 55 minutes ago

I’ve learned to love this story. Thanks for all your hard work!

12 hours 51 minutes ago

But it’s the Dawn of the Last Day…lol
I want more too…..As long as it’s more Leena included……