Maker’s Game Page 241

By | June 23, 2017

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43 Comments on "Maker’s Game Page 241"

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Profile photo of HA55caps
1 hour 19 minutes ago

Again, it’s because it’s an NPC that this is dumb, not because it’s a dude.

Profile photo of vickigirl
14 hours 1 minute ago

its getting good

Profile photo of Vistaprinter
16 hours 58 minutes ago

This isn’t SW, It’s SF. Which means we will switch to leena and the gang any moment now with a Nick storyline cliffhanger. XD

Profile photo of Vlad Devil
17 hours 54 minutes ago

NIkki has went from friendly to romantic in a matter of a night. I hope she does lose her V-card, she does want to be in the game forever, I wonder if she gets out, she is happy.

Profile photo of yeah007
17 hours 57 minutes ago

Lol I thought Nikki got rid of Nick angel and devil and was only now Nikki devil. Oh, well I see Nikki hasn’t changed much and is still plotting and scheming!

Profile photo of sawdust
18 hours 6 minutes ago

if Gray mask destroyed the city and killed everyone did that wipe out any chance of the three ever getting the cure for the magic curse?

Profile photo of fannyfloss34
18 hours 20 minutes ago

Nikki is getting closer and closer and closer to succumbing to her girlhood, say bye bye to manhood and say hello to girlhood

Profile photo of skyline1975
14 hours 56 minutes ago

U sure got that right !!!!

Profile photo of BestGamer88
18 hours 44 minutes ago

Foxx I believe the colors on the speech bubbles are switched on panel 5. Love your work. ❤️❤️

Profile photo of Hans Gruber
18 hours 52 minutes ago

Y’know…i didn’t bother thinking of it in this contect; however, if this were “The Grid”, anything would be possible. In all seriousness, I could see Nikki remaining within the game as a ‘program’, much similar to the movies TRON and TRON: Legacy. If his/her (?) construct existed, realistically, within the Foxx universe, Nikki could remain indefinitely as a ‘program’.

Profile photo of KatherineAnne
19 hours 11 minutes ago

I was just thinking that shouldn’t the little conscious thinkers not be present as this is Nikki’s in game character. No one else has had anything like this. Leena had none with Chris, When others had thoughts of lust, no little ones, in game characters or origin mask characters, only both versions of Nikki. I find that curious. If it happens to characters who had been gender changed in game, Leena and Leona should have had them also at their amorous times. One could say both Leona and Leena were under a love potion but would that still prevent their… Read more »

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
19 hours 20 minutes ago

few I was worried as I couldn’t access this sigh yesterday

Profile photo of Aaron R Wilson
19 hours 46 minutes ago

Well female Nick is a female and able to get pregnant, if she wana be a woman all she want and fuck d you go girl, just don’t expect returning to manhood will be open to you because you are forever exiled.

Profile photo of Senko
21 hours 28 minutes ago

Considering the chaos an assasination of a prince/high ranking citizen would cause I wonder if she’s being used as a disposable pawn by groups in the Rakasha nobility to seize power.

Profile photo of Cartoonist
20 hours 58 minutes ago

I think so too. That’s exactly what’s happening and she’ll get the blame and become the “fall girl.”

Profile photo of Cartoonist
21 hours 46 minutes ago

Have a comic page question for Sam. Sam? I know when you and your crew do the comic pages, they’re done on computer. Even with your best artists going really fast, how long does it take to do a page from beginning to end? And if these pages had been done the old traditional way, pencil, pen, ink eraser and on paper, how long would it take to do even with the same people you have with you? One reason I’m asking is cause I’m currently taking a home coorapondence course learning how to do comic book characters. I’ve always… Read more »

Profile photo of Cartoonist
21 hours 53 minutes ago

Nikki’s transformation into a woman is now complete.. Her womanhood has FINALLY taken her over, and she really loves every bit of it. Note how Aywin is groping her bust and Nikki is loving every bit of that too. In fact, I think she really WANTED her guy to touch and handle her bust. It’s also the second time they’ve kissed each other.. You only have one last hurdle to cross now, honey. Nikki will now want sex with her man. It’s now Nikki’s birthday into her womanhood and for her, sex with her guy will be the icing on… Read more »

Profile photo of Senko
21 hours 38 minutes ago

And then she kills him and proves woman or not she’s still a conniving, little sneak.

Profile photo of Cartoonist
21 hours 9 seconds ago

Then she’ll be on the run from the authorities and have a price on her head. And I don’t think her “benefactors” will help her out either.