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By | December 22, 2020

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10 days ago

uh-oh Karl like’s to swipe other guy’s girlfriends doesn’t he. if he doesn’t be careful he may get knocked out by the girl’s boyfriend. and boy I’m glad that Luke is playing it safe.

Inquisitor Three
2 years ago

Really? All that crap and he couldn’t say “I didn’t know she had a boyfriend”?

2 years ago

I like Karl’s attitude towards this guy.

2 years ago

people on last page: “Karl’s creepy”
this page: “Karl’s a player”
next page: “I Ship it”

2 years ago

That guy in the background though, in the panel where she thinks Thad is home taking a sick day

2 years ago

Smoove Karl Smoove. not only are you flirting a girl you don’t remember but your making her boyfriend look bad.

2 years ago

I thought you said no magic?

Blackwater Park
Blackwater Park
Reply to  D.vagamer77
2 years ago


Reply to  D.vagamer77
2 years ago

i don’t get it, what magic?

2 years ago

Thad? she have a lisp? Karl seems like he’d be an aloof catcher who knows what’s coming his way, and how to get some.

Reply to  GirWaffles
2 years ago

Thad is a name, short for Thaddaeus. Its an old school name for sure, but a name nonetheless