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By | November 19, 2020

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
7 days ago

Give me that female Chris and male Izzy Substitute Perspective stuff right now!

8 days ago

I don’t comment a lot if at all, but I’m really loving that wig though!

James Caras
8 days ago

Lara is perfect the way she is.

8 days ago

I’d like to see Chris-as-Isabel with Isabel-as-herself. It’s been hinted at that Isabel is narcissistic and it’d be great to see her work with Chris to get to know her body from the inside. Two Izzies is best-case scenario.

8 days ago

We’ve already had Chris turning into Isabel and vice versa with swap poker, how about closing out some of the animations like awakening?

JD Washington
9 days ago

This is what I’ve been kind of worrying about. I mean, I personally love the muscly tomboy look, and Luke seems to like that as well. The most important part that he overlooked, though, is if Darren would like that kind of look as well, because if not, then this plan is over before it even begins.

´╗┐Editing photos can only buy Luke some time until he meets Darren in person as Lara, so this makes me wonder how Luke would remedy this before then…

9 days ago

Bet Karl will have a confused look on his face after he learns the whole story!

Last edited 9 days ago by foxxlover
Reply to  foxxlover
9 days ago

From urban dictionary: Futa: The Japanese name for hermaphrodite.
Those who have both private parts

James Caras
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 days ago

A more common term is shemale.

Reply to  James Caras
8 days ago

Shemales and Futas are not the same thing. Shemales are chicks with dicks, no vagina. Futanaris have both sets of genitals, a penis AND a vagina.

James Caras
Reply to  Zillatrek
8 days ago

I stand corrected.

Strahd Cat
9 days ago

Stay as fit girl

9 days ago

Muscular women are beautiful

9 days ago


Reply to  D.vagamer77
8 days ago

Futanari. As in a woman who has both sets of genitals. In other words, that poll option would give us a story where Isabelle gives herself a penis on top of her vagina and then has sex with a female Chris.