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By | March 6, 2021

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JD Washington
3 years ago

I think it would benefit Luke more than hurt him if he just tells Karl that he’s Lara, and not just because of this Cypher bullshit. With the growing popularity of MsLovelyLara, Luke could use a helping hand with managing the channel and all, and Karl seems to be the best fit for that.

Opening up is going to be hard for him, though, given what happened two weeks ago…

3 years ago

Hard to fix without revealing secret identity

Reply to  Ranmafan
3 years ago

she might be more popular after it comes out. think about gamers like F1NN5TER/ ROSE.

3 years ago

There’s an easy way for Luke to fix this. He needs to get in front of it himself, he needs to own it and beat Cypher to the punch. People like Cypher, they only have the power because you allow them too. If Luke tells people the truth before Cypher then Cypher doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Though as we’re seeing, Luke is too afraid to lose everything for his lies. Like I said once before, this does not end well regardless.

Robin Stinson
3 years ago

Will Karl ask Luke to show him the chat? He better not otherwise Luke’s secret is pretty much out.