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By | September 15, 2021

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Hellen (Ellen) W.
2 years ago

Okay this confuses me I thought he had emplied he knew about her being Lara. Now it is weird he linked a shrine to lara to cypher

2 years ago

we know Karl cannot be Cypher as he has been with Luke while he has received texts and video messages from Cypher and apparently that is impossible ?

2 years ago

Hmm? So on the face of it Karl’s proddings here imply that he doesn’t know that Luke is Lara. How then would Stephen having a Lara shrine prove he’s Cypher in Karl’s eyes 
given Luke only ever told Karl that Cypher was hacking and trolling him and never 
mentioned Lara being involved? Were Karl being honest, the shrine would just paint 
Stephen as being unhealthily obsessed with Luke’s somewhat successful streamer 

The only way the shrine makes sense as evidence for Karl to bring up in order to prove that Stephen is Cypher to Luke is if Karl knows Luke is Lara. Acting like he doesn’t 
know that much at this point is a major red flag that Karl is trying to manipulate Luke on the Cypher front. Which then begs the question regarding all the compliments being an attempt to emotionally manipulate Luke.

Given Karl’s “questionable” behavior here and the other evidence I posted 4 pages
 back, I’d legitimately be shocked if Karl isn’t actually Cypher.

Last edited 2 years ago by Violet
Jimmy Mike
2 years ago

Kurl is cypher what u guys thought

Reply to  Jimmy Mike
2 years ago

the numbers of people that think that are growing as the pages goes

Last edited 2 years ago by Mntna90li
jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
2 years ago

Luc might come into being.

2 years ago

Karl pushes Luke to his limits to see Luke to such a level feminized!

2 years ago

i think karl is trying to butter up luke with all these complements . so what’s next will luke tell karl that he’s lara when fully crossdressed as a woman ? i guess well find out soon .

2 years ago

Luke,Lara or Sara.what a mess