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By | October 30, 2021

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2 years ago

If people are going to abandon you because of something that wasn’t your fault you don’t want them watchin g you anyway.

2 years ago

I get now, Darren is Mr. Purple!!! 🙂 It makes total nonsense.

JD Washington
2 years ago

Now that they all know Lara’s secret, I can see them greatly aiding Lara when it comes to her streams. Maybe Darren can help with boosting her online image, like a PR manager or something, and then Ana and Jackie would continue helping her when it comes to fashion, hair, and makeup.

The four of them make a great team.

2 years ago

Oooh Darren’s cooking up a helluva plan!!

I Love This Plan Excited To Be A Part Of It GIFfrom I Love This Plan GIFs

2 years ago

well now that all of lara’s / luke’s close friends and family know that lara / luke is now a transgendered woman . it’s time to let lara’s / luke’s many fans know and darren has a public relations plan to make lara / luke the hero instead of the victim . oh boy i wonder what that plan is . and when will we find out if lara / luke and all the other transwomen out there get the justice they solely deserve against karl the blackmailer lara’s / luke’s former best friend with help from the federal agent… Read more »

2 years ago

Cyper Karl’s plans are starting to sink faster than the Titanic

2 years ago

Darren takes control of the situation with the support of the girls ….

2 years ago

I want to see a showdown between Darren and Karl and see Karl running away with his tail between his legs.