Favors and Followers Page 95

By | January 31, 2021

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Inquisitor Three
3 years ago

“You will learn to prioritise me”… huh… he doesn’t sound like a domestic abuser at all.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

Luke is starting to understand how women feel about creepy men.

3 years ago

Calling it Now, Cypher is Actually….:Gets Mouth Taped:

3 years ago

Calling it now, its Ana!

3 years ago

Way to go Lara put him in his place.

3 years ago

I get the feeling “Cypher” knows who she really is…

James Caras
3 years ago

I think Cypher and Thad are one in the same.

Reply to  James Caras
3 years ago


Reply to  James Caras
3 years ago

It was confirmed a few pages ago that Cypher is not Thad. When they met in person, Thad acted like that was the first time he saw Lara. If he was Cypher, he wouldn’t have acted like that because they would have met before through Lara’s stream.

3 years ago

And there it goes, what most of us already knew. Glad to see Luke not give in to some random individual just because of money, even if he’s streaming mainly just for that. Streamers are people. Not objects or playthings just because you throw some money their way. Also glad to see him not be rude about it and tell this guy some choice words I don’t want to say here. Letting his opinion be known what clinic of person he is, but not being rude about it. Doubt this Cypher will get it, but we’ll see. Maybe it’s something… Read more »