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By | May 20, 2021

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3 years ago

Its Karl!

3 years ago

If Cypher knows that Lara and Luke are one … He hides his game well or he assumes he is bisexual.

Last edited 3 years ago by EricaRust
JD Washington
Reply to  EricaRust
3 years ago

But… he already knows that..

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

I wonder how much longer this Cypher bullshit will go on? Probably another 100 pg…so like at least over three months from.

3 years ago

been thinking it for a while now but the only logical answer is that cypher is karl, he’s the only other character shown to have the same sort of skillset, he has had access to lukes PC from the very beginning, he congratulated luke on his first donations, after seeing the computer when luke was still logged in as lara, then on the next stream cypher first joins the stream. Now the thing that made me decide to post this now? the image of the torso is the exact same as when karl was in a towel, on page 100.… Read more »

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  stuartd9
3 years ago

Either him or Stephen.

James Caras
3 years ago

There is one unlikely suspect: Jorge.

Reply to  James Caras
3 years ago

Much like Thad, there is no way it can be Jorge. And pretty much for the same reason Thad isn’t Cypher – when they first met Lara in person, they acted like they didn’t recognize her. If Thad or Jorge was Cypher, they wouldn’t have acted that way.

Like I’ve said many times already, there’s only two candidates that it could be – Karl and Stephen.

James Caras
3 years ago

Cypher is a pervert, stalker, and blackmailer to the extreme. Not to mention
a real scumbag. I get the feeling that Cypher is incapable of being with a real
girl or is gay or bi. Take your pick.

3 years ago

Only thing with Luke/Lara going natural hair is Luke will disappear forever!

3 years ago

long live Lara.