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By | June 4, 2021

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

Luke(Lara) sure is a dumbass.

Last edited 3 years ago by D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

I would suggest Lara go through the Financials. it Seems Cypher is quite loaded. I would contact the Payment processors for an ISP or something.

Reply to  Scorchia
3 years ago

Thats not such a bad idea. Report the sexual harassment, ask if they can trace the IP address. Then you take that evidence and everything else to the police. You may get funny looks and some embarrassment but your friends and family never need to find out

JD Washington
3 years ago

Lara’s face just says it all about how she feels whenever Cypher harasses her: disappointed, but not surprised.

3 years ago

You can do this full time

3 years ago

Further and further down the rabbit hole!