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By | March 2, 2021

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3 years ago

Dun dun dun… Lara just bit the dust
Dun dun dun…. Lara just bit the dust
And now her secret is gone
And now her secret is gone
… Lara just bit the dust

3 years ago

Time to put cypher into horny jail.
Also I’m suprised Lara keeps the voice going through all of this.

Reply to  Chiggie
3 years ago

He’s not putting the voice on. It’s being altered by his necklace.

James Caras
3 years ago

This guy gives perverts a bad name.

JD Washington
Reply to  James Caras
3 years ago

You say that as if perverts don’t give themselves a bad name already.

3 years ago

THIS… has gotten exciting now!

3 years ago

what if Lara overdose it by using sili gel

Reply to  silvo62
3 years ago

I think that Lara should smear Sili Gel in Cypher’s face. to show just how ugly a person he is.

JD Washington
3 years ago

That’s what you get, you creepy-ass bitch! You just got cock-blocked!!

Last edited 3 years ago by JD Washington
Strahd Cat
3 years ago

Luke/Lara deserves some karma for being manipulative but not this. Nobody deserves this harassment.

Reply to  Strahd Cat
3 years ago

you got that right sister. I think that pervert should go to jail for the mental torture he’s putting poor Lara through , it’s obvious that she doesn’t like or want this . no one should have to be treated like that.

3 years ago

Well, this can’t be good, but that was probably the best thing he could of done where he was at the time. It was a no win situation from the moment Luke saw that someone had found his secret, but at least he stopped and didn’t give this person even more to dirt on himself.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this to go down like it did, but now we’ll see how long before we hear from this guy again.