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By | January 26, 2021

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

Bruh! This Jorge guy is such a sleazeball.

James Caras
Reply to  D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
2 years ago

That is putting it mildly.

3 years ago

This is probably my favorite comic so far!! The last one had potential but i dragged on too much and lost most of it’s appeal long before it ended.

3 years ago

I know how it feels when you loose someone you care for. I just was told that my father pasted away in the hospital from cancer. Lara don’t give up hope. Ana might only be going after him because you went after him so fast.

James Caras
3 years ago

It seems that Jorge is playing the field.

3 years ago

I’m not criticizing the story, it is still very interesting, but more and more Luke is coming off as a sociopath, he’s lying to one friend pretending to be a girl interested in him, lying to another to find out if she would date him and then pretending to like another guy just so his friend won’t date someone else. Good intentions or not his actions really make him a terrible person. I am seeing a bit of person that seems to pathologically control people to what he wants hope he realizes how terrible he is acting soon Well hopefully… Read more »

Reply to  Raven
3 years ago

Well, I have to agree with you. This does fit the bad boy to good girl motif though. It wouldn’t be much of a redemption(not sure if this is that) story if Luke was a great guy to begin with now would it. Will Luke learn his lesson?

Reply to  Miztry3920
3 years ago

right? which why I am not trying to say anything about the story, more so just the way this character is making me feel, and I’m ok with his redemption I just hope he gets called out on really how awful he is acting.

3 years ago

It would be nice to think Luke has come to his sense, cut his loses and walk away. But we know that not going to happen. Like most love sick fools he will see what he thinks is an encouraging sign and double down and becomes a even bigger idiot. Seen that and done that, have the t-shirt

JD Washington
3 years ago

Aw, don’t hate him ’cause Ana wants to dance with him. Maybe if you got rid of that yee yee ass haircut you got, you’ll get your chance as well.

Or better yet, maybe Ana will finally take an interest in you if you ever stop simping or dressing up in that girl disguise you’re doing there.


Reply to  JD Washington
3 years ago

Ok I was getting tired of that meme, but that was good lol