Favors and Followers Page 91

By | January 27, 2021

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1 month ago

Luke better watch digging an even deeper hole than he is already in. Something tells me this plan of his is going to come back and bite him. Great work on this comic so far!

1 month ago

Shouldn’t the gel just about be outta time

Reply to  zenreal21
1 month ago

Not at all. Sili-gel lasts at least 12 hours, and Luke has been wearing it for about four hours.

1 month ago

Poof, the voice changer is back 😀

1 month ago

Looks like Laras dating life is becoming better than Lukes hehe

1 month ago

OH. Now you realize “oh crap WHERES THE VOICE CHANGER NECKLACE?? Our verisimilitude is compromised we have to shut the site down and start from scratch!”

Reply to  TheDarkNeon
1 month ago

Took a while

1 month ago

So, “she” is going to lead this guy on and possibly date him so that he stays away from Ana ?
Makes perfect sense. What could ever go wong ?

Last edited 1 month ago by iamadeviant01
Reply to  iamadeviant01
1 month ago

so many things.

JD Washington
1 month ago

The voice changer necklace returns!

Reply to  JD Washington
1 month ago

Like magic, it mysteriously makes an appearance after how many pages without it? Lol

1 month ago

Don’t forget you’re already promised to Darren!

Reply to  ripssaft
1 month ago

I think that’s the last thing on his mind

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  ripssaft
1 month ago

Luke’s brain is full of stupid.