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By | October 6, 2021

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2 years ago

What is surprising is to see Luke / Lara very comfortable in this type of party, when he could have been anxious about the situation Karl put him in!

2 years ago

I bet Stephen is innocent. Still have all my money on Karl = Cypher

James Caras
Reply to  foxxlover
2 years ago

One of the main rules of commiting a crime is always have someone to take the fall
and yet Stephen fits the profile.

2 years ago

comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by Scorchia
2 years ago

Attention the bait is thrown in the mouth of the wolf!

2 years ago

I have the perfect bubble to burst for you guys

Are you ready for it?

Here it comes

Karl is cypher

Last edited 2 years ago by Bigboss426
Reply to  Bigboss426
2 years ago

That is my bet as well.

James Caras
2 years ago

Use the Force, Luke.

Reply to  James Caras
2 years ago

using a star wars reference are we james . i like it .

James Caras
Reply to  shoeflypie1831
2 years ago

Guilty as charged.

JD Washington
2 years ago

“Not a great plan” is a damn understatement. This is just one of the stupidest plans I’ve ever heard of.

— So, Lara’s gonna do all the dirty work while Karl just continues his record-scratching? Just, wow…
— If Stephen really is indeed Cypher, does Karl honestly think that Lara would be invited to Stephen’s room just like that? Especially if his claim about a supposed “Lara shrine” is true. Like having a phone’s gonna help…
— Also, Lara came here to be Karl’s date, not Stephen’s. I doubt Lara would even come if she knew this plan beforehand.

Last edited 2 years ago by JD Washington
Reply to  JD Washington
2 years ago

jd i love the comment . i couldn’t agree with you more .

2 years ago

oh boy lara a.k.a. luke must flirt with stephen so that stephen would invite her / him back to his dorm room . that’s karl’s plan ? wow i can see this plan backfire in several ways . but here’s hope that it is a success .