Favors and Followers Page 224

By | June 9, 2021

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
2 days ago

Looks like someone will be very salty of this. lol

5 days ago

The next few pages should confirm Cypher’s real identity, whether directly or indirectly. Now that Karl is streaming with Lara, if Cypher continues to talk in chat or send messages to Lara, then Cypher has to be Stephen. And if Cypher remains quiet throughout Lara and Karl streaming together, then Cypher must be Karl, since the reason Cypher isn’t talking in chat is because he’s in the room with Lara.

Last edited 5 days ago by Zillatrek
5 days ago

loving that this is an early afternoon stream that they are doing, where is it going to go!? 🙂

5 days ago

I think Karl is Cypher tbh. Idk, it just seems too good to be true that Cypher was just talking to Lara and now Karl just shows up out of the blue. His bod is very similar to Cypher as well.

Reply to  Jordyn
5 days ago

No, this eliminates Karl from the suspect pool. Unless he recorded something beforehand, Stephan is Cypher

Reply to  Undertaker
5 days ago

It will eliminate Karl if Cypher continues to talk in chat now that Karl is in the room. Karl hasn’t been eliminated yet, but the next couple pages might eliminate him.

Reply to  Undertaker
4 days ago

Wasn’t that video Lara pulled up earlier a recording she had saved?

5 days ago

Darrens not gonna like this…..

JD Washington
5 days ago

While Lara and Karl are busy playing that Chronicles of Helva game, us here in the comments are still playing Among Us, trying to figure out who the hell that damn impostor Cypher is…

5 days ago

I a, still wondering who is Cypher

5 days ago

here ! where is Cypher?

5 days ago

I have a feeling Cypher’s gonna leak those pictures of Luke

James Caras
Reply to  ash77
5 days ago

It wouldn’t surprise me.

5 days ago

Yep, I’m guessing they’ll kiss on stream, but seems to me that we’re heading towards multiple people trying to compete for Lara’s heart.