New Beyond Comic: Miss Stewart – After Class – Volume 2

By | June 8, 2021

I’m glad to see people are loving the current comic, Setting You Straight, and I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy the conclusion to volume 3. However it’s time to announce the new SF Beyond comic: Volume 2 of Miss Stewart – After Class. The next chapter will be coming June 17th, the same day as An Untrusting Fiance 4.

“Why would Hannah want to meet with Miss Stewart after class? She already has A’s in all her classes. It turns out the shy bookworm that Alan had a crush on wants Miss Stewart to give her a makeover. The nerdy girl suddenly wants to break out of her shell.”

As a side note, we were hoping to have Too Good To Interrupt Volume 2 ready to go for June, but it wasn’t ready in time. Just know that hot little series will finally be coming back very soon. πŸ˜‰

New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 3
New Beyond Comic: Too Good To Interrupt Volume 2
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1 year ago

If Hustler’s not 90210 xxx parody is to be believed…white short shorts are a slutty giveaway

1 year ago

Right because every nerdy person has to wear glasses.