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By | May 26, 2021

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3 years ago

I kind of like Lara bit more w/o the wig than with it tbh. I think it suits her better.

Reply to  Kallen
3 years ago

I agree. i also like that his hair is short. 99% of the girls in previous comics and videos all have past the shoulder length hair. its refreshing to see something diffident.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 years ago

Now someone is finally fucking thinking for once!

3 years ago

Wonder what he’ll do when he figure out who it is. Will Luke/lara come clean for his/her friends, or will Cypher blackmail Lara to stay permanently?

3 years ago

who have seen that Lukes hair has grown out enough to pass as a girl?

3 years ago

I think Chipher is the one he was talking to during his date with Ana.
When Anna began to suspect, his inclinations for men

Last edited 3 years ago by delegado
Reply to  delegado
3 years ago

Jorge? Doubtful

Reply to  delegado
3 years ago

It’s not Jorge for the same reason it’s not Thad. When Jorge first met Lara in person, he acted like he had never seen her before. But if he was Cypher, that wouldn’t have been their first meeting. So his behavior didn’t match during their first meeting.

There’s only two characters that make any sense for Cypher’s real identity – Karl or Stephen.

3 years ago

You will have to sort it out with your close acquaintances to find it and without causing suspicion.

JD Washington
3 years ago

Luke finally starts to use his big head for once. Unfortunately, too little too late for that, since the damage’s already been done. Still, better than never, I suppose…

3 years ago

I do hope that Luke/Lara decides to stay Lara in the end because all of the actions seen when being Laura show that looks to be when she is happiest.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Wild4Rose
3 years ago