Favors and Followers Page 123

By | February 28, 2021

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3 years ago

This got very dark.
Reminds me strongly of all my fears during my years in the closet.

Last edited 3 years ago by Claymoore
3 years ago

This will sound pretty evil but Cypher is the kind of douchebag that I would torture to death.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  LaudoMatriae
3 years ago

You have the right to feel this way.

3 years ago

I’m still confused as to who Cypher is. Nice comic so far.

3 years ago

Its time take control of the situation. He may lose followers & friends (or not), but he will be in control of the information.

3 years ago

Luke come clean to family and friends and this creep won’t have any power over you.

3 years ago

This is kinda hot all of a sudden!!!!

3 years ago

Like I said, run

Reply to  D.vagamer77
3 years ago

Running away from the problem would only things worse. Cypher would probably take that opportunity to reveal everything to his family, friends and followers.

3 years ago

I feel bad for Luke, I think he will tell his friends the truth- That is the only way.
I will not be surprised if it is someone Luke knows- Family not yet introduced.
OR you never know it might just be some Magic again.

Reply to  shiambhatnagar@gmail.com
3 years ago

I mean…it’s not the only way. Luke could also give in to Cypher’s demands. Do exactly as he says and he’ll keep Luke’s secret. It’s not preferable, but Luke can’t afford to have everyone find out about his secret right now.

Also, there isn’t going to be magic at any point in this story. Sam told us that this would be a non-magic comic long before it started.