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By | December 29, 2020

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1 year ago

Darren is really catching up to Luke in the muscle gain department . if Luke isn’t careful Darren might just surpass him in more ways than one.

3 years ago

I find it funny how impossibly fast Darren is gaining muscle and Luke is losing muscle.

Reply to  aek
3 years ago

Right? You don’t gain or lose muscle mass that quickly. I can buy moving from 20-25 pounds in a couple weeks if you work out and lift almost every day. And Luke would have to completely stop lifting for a while to slim down like that

Reply to  Undertaker
3 years ago

That’s the beauty of fantasy storytelling – you can make all sorts of things happen that could never happen in real life, like Luke losing that much muscle mass in two weeks. It may not be real life logic, but it works in storytelling logic.

Besides, it’s pretty obvious that this needed to happen in order to advance the story. Before Lara and Darren’s first face-to-face meeting, Luke had to lose that much muscle mass. Even if it doesn’t make sense, that needed to happen in order to advance the story.

Last edited 3 years ago by Zillatrek
JD Washington
3 years ago

Time sure flies fast. Can you imagine that it will be 2021 already in a couple of days? A lot really has happened this year…

0._.0 CyanCoyote
Reply to  JD Washington
3 years ago

Not according to government GDP figures.

Reply to  0._.0 CyanCoyote
3 years ago

please just leave it

3 years ago

ok, so is Ana the first one to know Lara’s identity?

0._.0 CyanCoyote
Reply to  foxxlover
3 years ago

No, Luke found out already.

Reply to  foxxlover
3 years ago

No one knows who Lara is yet.

3 years ago

Kinda reminds me of shifting roommates