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By | November 27, 2020

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1 year ago

oh boy I’m thinking that Karl is noticing something strange is happening with Luke. also when Luke gets those pictures back from Karl and he forwards them to Darren he just might get a verry fast reply from Darren.

3 years ago

Judging by the pose, I don’t think that Luke has quite master shifting identities.

3 years ago

Did Luke changed from being Lara not knowing that he was still in live?

JD Washington
Reply to  Mntna90li
3 years ago

No. He may have forgotten to log out of his Lara account, but before Luke slept, the stream was already turned off. His secret is still safe, at least for now..

3 years ago

Luke is just going to keep being incredibly lucky until an eventual slip up

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
3 years ago

So true…

Reply to  LaudoMatriae
3 years ago

Or crash and burn.

Reply to  The_Odd_Duck
3 years ago

Also true.

JD Washington
3 years ago

Oh ok, Luke realized that he’s still logged in Lara’s account. Good thing Karl was too distracted with Luke’s ass to notice that lol…

EDIT: I realized that I just rephrased the page description haha..

Last edited 3 years ago by JD Washington
Reply to  JD Washington
3 years ago

Or how about this.

Extrémité arrière: French for rear end.
Derrière: French for buttocks.
I forgot about the oldie but goody: Rump.

Last edited 3 years ago by The_Odd_Duck