Favors and Followers Page 200

By | May 16, 2021

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26 days ago

I’m thinking cypher is jackie

29 days ago

Are you really a man?

Jurgen Smit
29 days ago

I’m wondering what cypher will do next

29 days ago

I hope it’s not to late for Lara to come clean to friends and family. and tell her true fans about Cypher and what he’s forcing her to do. those who truly love her will understand and want to protect her.

29 days ago

No I refuse to signal celebration for 200 pages for the slimeball that’s got poor Lara fussed up.

Boo on your 200!
You don’t deserve to have appeared at this milestone Cypher!!

Candi the Kitty Witch
Reply to  TheDarkNeon
29 days ago

Bruh, chill.

Reply to  Candi the Kitty Witch
29 days ago

Sorry just…

Bad memories is all…

JD Washington
29 days ago

The term Lara might be looking for is “foreboding” – a strong inner feeling or notion of a future misfortune, evil, etc. Definitely fits this dick-faced creep, alright…

29 days ago

remains to know this blackmailer rather perverse in his style!

29 days ago

The boob size doesn’t seem to be going down. I was hoping the wearing off process would hopefully kick in right about now just so Cypher can’t get his d**k hard. Could be my wishful thinking.

oh well, let’s see how this plays out yeah?

29 days ago

Lara,Lara.lovely Lara.Cypher will always blackmail you

29 days ago

We’re 200 into the comic and also going strong!

Reply to  foxxlover
29 days ago

Pages *

29 days ago

Lol “bed taste”. Cypher is working for MyPillow confirmed.

Reply to  Ssgiiirl95
29 days ago

Come to think of it, Someone rightly called you Sherlock 🙂