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Now Hiring Full Time Artists!

TGArtist has been a great help on the site but has decided to pursue her musical career full-time. So, grateful for her contribution and wishing her well, there is no time to waste. The next animation would have been the first on site to be made entirely by TGArtist, but due to her sudden resignation, the animation is approximately a week behind schedule. Regardless of the status of the animation, the comic will continue to come out at it’s normal rate.

I will try to keep up with the workload by myself, but I need to immediately hire one or two new artists. If you aren’t an artist yourself but are a big fan of someone else’s work, you could contact them to let them know about this job opportunity.

I’m looking to hire one or two artists to make comics full time (approximately 40 hours a week). The subject matter is transgender themed, but not pornographic. Experience with Adobe Flash or animating is helpful, but not required. The job is online, therefore anyone can apply regardless of distance. Salary is negotiable. Please send portfolio of work or questions to TheSapphireFoxx@gmail.com
Apply ASAP!

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  1. Avatar of NickalxroNickalxro

    I wish i could get the job but i can’t.
    1. I have school and can’t work 40 hours
    2. I love drawing but aren’t very good at it
    3. I have ideas i think you would like but you don’t need any ideas right now.

  2. Avatar of XenonosXenonos

    Hey SF just wanted to say keep up the good work as I am sure people are hounding you to put new content up quicker, better, longer, and their special requests, and I know part of the reason for you to start your own site was to get away from such requests. I know you are feeling over worked, but remember people are paying you for your product because you are good at it, and good takes time you can’t just throw it on a plate and say done. So I will wait for what I pay for and I hope your search for a new artist goes well cause I am sure you are looking for the best, don’t stress and love what you do cause it’s what YOU WANT TO DO.

  3. Avatar of BirdmanofglanmireBirdmanofglanmire

    I just installed Daz 4.6 Pro and have The Girl 6 Pro bundle(you know – Erika from Touched by the hand of God). I installed the Girl to the recommended path. In Daz, I can see the Girl poses in the content library and the Genesis model takes on the poses, but I cannot find the Girl icon, or any of her other content in the library, nor can I see them in the actors … tab on the left of the screen.
    When I try to load Girl, I get a figure of grey blocks. Can someone tell me the right path and process to get the Girl working. I want to start doing TG comic sequences. Please help me out here.

  4. Avatar of AnyoneAnyone

    HI sapphirefoxx.My name is Duong.Im from VietNam.I very like web sapphirefoxx.com and I like Tg animations.but I do not have a bank account.because I was 13 years old.so can you help me become a subscriber .Thank you verry much

  5. Avatar of CerberusCerberus

    Hey Foxx,
    Know you’re probably really, really overworked, but I was wondering if you’d ever do a gene splicing or gene modification animation. I have a lot of ideas for one and have even started a story for it though have no idea where it’s going. I’m a good writer, with lots of time on his hands so if you ever need help give me a holler, no flash experience though.

  6. Avatar of CartoonistCartoonist

    Well I finally became a subscriber. When I saw all of the extra and new stuff I missed before by not subscribing, I knew I did the right thing by becoming a subscribe. I was so very happy with all of the stuff I can now see on the SapphireFoxx site. Thank you so very much.

    When I read that there were only be 2 more episodes for the Stealing From Sis series, I was so sad. If a Stealing From Sis, season 2 or whatever it might be called ever comes out, I’ll be all for it. I’d love to see the continuing adventures of the new Mariah and Tyler.

    I don’t understand how it works, but when both the origional Mariah became the new Tyler and the orgional Tyler became the new Mariah, it was mentioned that their bodies were switched. I’ve followed them and it wasn’t that their bodies were switched. What really happened was that their own orgional bodies were “Morphed” into each other. They still had the same bodies they were born into. The Fox just fixed things up.
    Their bodies were just morphed into exact copies of the other.

    When the orginional Tyler morphed into the new “Mariah” and became a girl, her sister, the orginal Mariah was still a girl. So you really had 2 Mariah’s running around at the same time. Then she got home from her job and the Fox changed her into the new Tyler. Her new sister, Tyler/Mariah was out with her boyfriend, Gary having a good time and finally accepting her new female body and life, and enjoying it.

    Your comic “Shifting Roomates” is really getting better and better all of the time. I hope it comes back again one day as an animation.

    I’m also looking forward to see if the next chapter of “Becoming a Bridesmade” is when the guy becomes a girl and then his sister’s sister. “She” seems to like the hot lesbian lots and her “girlfriend” seems to feel the same way. Will they become each other’s girlfriends and then more? Guess we’ll find out next time.

    I also loved “Dreams Come True.” It had a very personal meaning for me. I’ve heard that alot of the girls who come to this site want to become guys, and the guys who come here want to become girls in real life. I watched “Peter” in the adventure and his desire to become a woman, and especially the woman he called “Paige.”

    Right from the beginning, I knew exactly what he was going through, because I feel the same way. The fox came through for him and granted him his greatest wish of becoming a woman. I identified with Peter. If only the fox was real and existed in real life. I would want to have the same wish and become a woman, just like Paige. I know alot of you guys out there also want to become women too.

    It’s so sad that our society is the way that it is. People are so ready to judge and condem another, just because we’re different. Such people are so very self-righteous and look down on others who don’t think, talk, and act the same way as they do. With them, it’s “my way or no way at all.” I hope it starts to change for the better.

    I noticed that some of your adventures had both censored and uncensored versions of the same story. Now the uncensored versions are gone. I will surely miss them. Hope you will also bring back the Queen of the Dead program.

    I do have one question. I noticed a Red Ruby cat. Is she magical like the Sapphire Fox? Are they having a war with each other? Sounds like she’s a bad guy. If she is, I hope she is defeated and the fox wins.

    I do have one little suggestion for you, if you’d like to do it. You might want to consider putting some of the fox’s adventures on DVD and sell them. It would be a nice way to make a little extra income.

    I really like your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  7. Avatar of jucumejucume

    Saphirefoxx I have a question for you…. its posible that “one sexy error” returns like a everyday comic when “shifting roommates” end? Sorry about my english

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