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New Release: Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives

My new comic series, Different Perspectives, started last Thursday. Just like I did with Shifting Roommates, I’m uploading one page everyday to SapphireFoxx.com

I’ll be posting the beginning of Different Perspectives to DA for people to get a sample, but I haven’t decided on how many pages or when. I will say it will be more than 8 pages.

I learned a lot from my first comic series, and I’m making my new one much better art and story wise. There will be a ton more transgender transformations in this story, and will include BE, AP, and AR.

Oh, and click on the image above to get the full sized version to use for desktop wallpaper. :)

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SF Minecraft Server

Note about the Server: It’s Still 1.7.10

Hey folks, the Minecraft server is still on Bukkit 1.7.10 because there is no Bukkit 1.8 yet. In order to play on the server, set your game to 1.7.10, not 1.8.

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  1. Profile photo of snowsnow

    not sure if its possible but could you code into the website the ability to hit the left and right arrow keys on the comics to go to the previous and next comics? it would make navigating them much easier and more user friendly

    1. Profile photo of Steve37OZSteve37OZ

      There is already that feature, in the form of, the name of the comic and the previous or next number,
      eg “Different Perspectives 54 >>” if you were on page 53 on the right and “<< Different Perspectives 52" on the left under the comic page

  2. Profile photo of GeniegirlGeniegirl

    I am happy to be back as a member again I had to find away around the pay pal and bank account deal to get back in here so got a pre paid visa and it worked so Yay!

  3. Profile photo of tonitoni

    I would like to see more magical change sequences like you began with than the body suit type sequences. The animations are great though.. as say more like “the date” type transformation would be very much appreciated.. keep up the good work

    1. Profile photo of GeniegirlGeniegirl

      cool beans. I do not mean to pry and if this question at all is something you do not answear then no worries, are you perhaps transgender? I only ask due to I grew up with a friend transgender and I might be of some help.

  4. Profile photo of captaincuriouscaptaincurious

    How long does it take for payment to process/ site membership to be granted? Does it take a 24 hour period. 3 days. or longer……. It would make my antsyness settle knowing what the approx wait time will be.

    1. Profile photo of SapphireFoxxSapphireFoxx Post author

      It usually takes a few minutes for a payment to clear, but in rare cases it can be as much as a few hours. I used to allow people instant access before their transaction cleared, but do to some people exploiting that, I was forced to remove it.

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