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New Release: Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives

My new comic series, Different Perspectives, started last Thursday. Just like I did with Shifting Roommates, I’m uploading one page everyday to SapphireFoxx.com

I’ll be posting the beginning of Different Perspectives to DA for people to get a sample, but I haven’t decided on how many pages or when. I will say it will be more than 8 pages.

I learned a lot from my first comic series, and I’m making my new one much better art and story wise. There will be a ton more transgender transformations in this story, and will include BE, AP, and AR.

Oh, and click on the image above to get the full sized version to use for desktop wallpaper. :)

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SF Minecraft Server

Note about the Server: It’s Still 1.7.10

Hey folks, the Minecraft server is still on Bukkit 1.7.10 because there is no Bukkit 1.8 yet. In order to play on the server, set your game to 1.7.10, not 1.8.

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      The animations have gotten significantly longer and more detailed since the three a month days, and those details also seemed to have carried over to the comic.

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      Since he is being paid to do these works, he would have to get written permission from the respective copyright holders in order to use their names and likenesses. I can tell you right now, they will never do that for something like this.

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