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Website Upgraded

Good news! The site has been growing steadily and has upgraded today to a much bigger and better server! It should now run noticeably quicker and more smoothly, especially during the busy hours. Please let me know if notice a difference while your going form page to page.

I’ve been wanting to HD videos for a while now, but that wasn’t possible on the old server. As you know, I’ve been releasing animations in Flash format by default, and SD video for mobile phones. With the new server, it should be very manageable to do HD video, and I’ll try it out on the next video. If things go well enough, I might make HD video the default animation option over Flash. Flash does have a much lower file size and doesn’t take nearly as much bandwidth to load, but video formats have video controls and is more accessible to various devices.

Anyway, I’m glad the site has been upgraded again. It outgrew it’s first server back in last October, and now it needs an even bigger one for all the people using it. I’ll be happy get an even better server in the future when we grow even more. :)


SF Minecraft Server

Player Creation of the Week: TheReaper’s Castle

TheReaper got builder about a month ago for this castle nearby Foxx’s Pokemon track. It was difficult to take a screenshot showing how nice it looks in game, but this shot shows the courtyard, a tower, and the staircase leading inside.

What the Fox is up to this week: Pokemon Pixelart!

The Foxx major project on the server has been making pixel art of all 151 original Pokemon for a few months now. He recently finished Sandslash. The Pokeball railroad has its start in spawn by the Foxx’s house. When viewing the Pokemon by rail, please take care to stop before the end of the road, as it seems many people have fallen off the end like in a cartoon. Have fun looking at the pixel-monsters and try not to die :)

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  1. Avatar of LukeLuke

    I wished my non-build ideas was commented on by someone other than my own, in the Minecraft Server Page. The page’s comment section rarely get viewed in last few hours.

  2. Avatar of jcdpt1938jcdpt1938

    I just switched my payment from PayPal to my credit card because I was hoping to avooid a monthly payment. How can I pay for a longer period of time, say six months or even a year? I prefer a long term subscription so I don’t have to fool with a piddling $5.00 each month.
    Will you be able to offer long term subscriptions soon. If you already do, how do I pay for the longer contract?
    J Clark

  3. Avatar of BenBen

    Hey sapphire i was wondering if you can help me out here i know your trying to keep the website up and running but is there anyway at all to post some of your older content on youtube like the ones that have been out for monthes and make people either wait or the can buy the content on your website thankyou

    1. Avatar of JoshJosh

      If he does that then there would be no point in people buying a subscription. People would then just wait for it to come out for free. If you think about it $5.00 a month really isnt that bad of a deal

  4. Avatar of lynx122lynx122

    I prefer Jamie with Is hair a little bit longer and I have a suggestion for the Next Jamie meet a new friend then he start to transform and Jamie help him to understand what is going on with him.

  5. Avatar of steve hamsonsteve hamson

    Hi Sapphire Foxx or Dan. Truly!!!!!! like your posting on you tube and Truly!!!!!! looking forward to being a subscriber to your GREAT!!!!!!! website each month….

    1. Avatar of SapphireFoxxSapphireFoxx Post author

      This is a glitch that happens occasionally on the day someone’s subscription renews, which was yesterday for you. It only lasts a few hours before it corrects itself.

      Your account seems to be working fine now, but please use the “Contact Me” page next time you have a problem, not a comment.

      1. Avatar of Malos323Malos323

        Hello I wanted to tell you that my Paypal account got hacked and i got all of my money on it stolen. And it happened on my subscription Renew date but now that i check my account history it said i never subscribed. So I tried to get my Paypal account re-linked but it’s not working so can you help.

  6. Avatar of SpopiSpopi

    Out of interest, is the latest animation, “Awakening II: Origins”, is this a TG animation or solely TF? Since Im strapped for funds Im that moment, Im trying to wait for the right time. I realise it doesn’t sound great just paying for a random month, but it’s all I can afford right now, and Im happy to pay it since it’s worth it for what you produce, but I just want to get the right amount of TG.

    1. Avatar of SpopiSpopi

      Oh, and just to check, I was a subscriber before, as you can possibly check, yet had to stop due to lack of funds, but is it possible to just pay for one month at a time or is there a minimum? Cause if possible, I’d possibly like to just pay for one at the moment. Maybe. Or I might wait a while longer…

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