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I Am Transgender

As big of an announcement as this is, I don’t think it will come as a shock to most of you. In fact, I bet many of you simply assumed this. I am transgender. In the last few weeks, I’ve come out to my family and friends, started electrolysis, and began my hormone therapy today.

I have had an interest in transgender things for a lot time, but I didn’t always consider myself transgender. For a long time, I refused to believe it for various reasons. One of the main reasons I didn’t want to think of myself as transgender was because I always assumed the process wasn’t very good. I thought that the best case scenario I could reach was to be an ugly mix of a man and woman, and I didn’t want to try and be something I could never be.

It was last August that I saw a video of a guy who was much more masculine than I am, and he turned into a beautiful woman. I did more and more research, and I found that the process of transitioning from male to female was actually very good, especially if you started young, and could afford additional options to help the transition. Knowing that it was possible, I started taking it into serious consideration.

I wanted to go through several months of deep thought to mull it over, and make sure this was something I really wanted to commit to. Last August happened to be when I moved out from my parents, and it gave me freedom to try new things. It was also in August that started my dieting and exercise, because the thought of transitioning gave me the inspiration to finally break out from being overweight. As you saw recently, went from 225 to 170 pounds in the eight months I was considering to transition.

It was in the beginning of May that I reached my weight loss goal, and after months of growing more confident in my dream, it was at that point I was committed to transitioning. I told my family a few weeks ago, and they were all very accepting and supportive. Given that I run a transgender website and business, I can’t say any of them were terribly shocked. This made things much easier for me to come out than what is normal for other people. Out of all the people I’ve told so far, I haven’t gotten one negative reaction, and everyone has been supportive of me.

I wanted to start hormones in early May, but due to several unexpected delays, I had to wait until May 21th to start taking the pills. I couldn’t be happier now that I’m finally starting. As is typical, I’m starting on a lose dosage of estrogen, and testosterone blockers. You need to spend several months easing your body up to a full dosage, or else it wouldn’t be good for you.

In addition to the weight loss and prescriptions, you can see that I’ve been growing out my hair for nearly a year. Also, I started electrolysis (hair removal) three weeks ago. I’ll go into more detail on hair removal in the near future.

I plan on doing a lot of documentation on my transition over the coming months and years. I took over 35 different body measurements before starting hormones so that I can see how my body will change. I took a ton of pictures yesterday as well. I plan on taking a few pictures everyday along the way, and probably using them in a timeline video once I’m close to finished in the transition process. Besides monitoring what is changing around my body, the other reason I’m doing all of this documentation is to help people out there who are considering transitioning themselves. Hopefully this will give them ideas of what to expect, when to expect it, and what the before and after pictures may look like.

Expect many more updates in the future. I plan on doing one every several weeks, or whenever I have any developments to report. Things will start off slow, and it’ll be a while before real results start to happen. I’m a very patient person, but I can’t wait to see it.
Oh, and one final thing: you can still call me Sam. It works either way. :)

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1 day 1 hour ago

I want to be a voice actor

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2 days 21 hours ago

why cant the sapphirefoxx be real

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8 days 3 minutes ago

HOW do I Put my new payment info in if I am already a subscriber just need to update my account

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6 days 23 hours ago

Hello, for questions about accounts and subscription, please contact support@sapphirefoxx.com or fill out this form.

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11 days 13 hours ago

Hi Foxx, when i loaded the page i was shown an older version of the site, with the old header logo and Different Perspectives page’s up to 162. It wasn’t until i logged in i got this latest version of the site, so you may be having troubles with your server again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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4 hours 15 minutes ago

This has happened here as well

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11 days 17 hours ago

I noticed that one of the latest polls was “would you be interested in a Sapphirefoxx wiki?” Does this mean this going to be one, or is there already one?

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12 days 2 hours ago

I have referred on 9/10/2015 $ 30. Why is my access blocked? Greetings from Germany ( DerWilstorfer )

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11 days 5 hours ago

Same here as well.. what gives!

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11 days 20 hours ago

And here. Payment has definitely gone through. No access.

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12 days 8 minutes ago

Genau das gleiche bei mir (exactly the same with me)

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11 days 23 hours ago

Same here

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11 days 21 hours ago

And here

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11 days 20 hours ago

contact her directly or over the contact form 😉

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14 days 4 hours ago

Hey SF not sure if your aware but chapters 8-11 of SFS you can’t select the video to watch on mobile the link isn’t there. Hope you can fix this soon. By the way love the anniversary of it.

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14 days 7 hours ago

SF. Great job on the first half of SFS Anniversary. When will the second half be out?

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14 days 10 hours ago

who ever you are I find myself more relaxed around transgender people because they are honest to themselves and to the people they call friends. So hun relax and just be who you are:)

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14 days 23 hours ago

May the force be with you to destroy the survey problems

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15 days 1 hour ago

Man, my subscription ran out just today.. And on top of that it won’t let me renew, assuming it’s because the server is overloaded since it doesn’t make the transaction. Man I really wanted to see SFS today :/

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15 days 3 hours ago

That’s what I would like to know, SF. I was looking forward to seeing it since yesterday. SFS was supposed to be out then, but it’s not. Look, I understand that you’ve been working overtime on this. Everybody is getting anxious and eager to see the new and improved SFS. Just take you time. It’ll come out when it’ll come out.

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15 days 3 hours ago

It’s here already, go to the SFS section and it’s there! :)

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