Classic Animations

By | February 21, 2019

After converting the old version of ‘Wish in the Classroom’, I decided to finally convert all of the old SapphireFoxx animations from Flash to the new video format. These videos are the ones that released before subscriptions were introduced. These days Flash videos are unplayable on nearly all phones and tablets, and Flash is becoming nearly extinct elsewhere.

So, now you can stream in HD all 30 of the classic animations like Model Parent, Sweet Dreams, A Big Popsicle, and the first 11 parts to Stealing From Sis! And yes, those old videos are still free. As for Flash, it will no longer be supported on this site, and any page that still has a flash video on it will no longer function.

Ashes to Ashes
Second Honeymoon
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2 years ago

The rest of theses classic animations should be remake

Rabecca Mock
4 years ago

My personal favorite for a long time is Online Poser and Picture Perfect

5 years ago

Hi. One of my personal favorites “A big popsicle” I like to revisit (along with others). I can’t help but notice that the audio keeps disappearing on the clip. Am I imagining or is it been shortened, removed or censored ? There has been way racier audio wise since then so I’m in a loss to that. Thanks to whom responds.

jd math
5 years ago

Classic annimations until recently played on my computer. Now they won’t. What gives?

Reply to  jd math
5 years ago

Please use the Contact Us page, or email for account issues.