Model Parent 1

By | September 29, 2013


“A single father is having a hard time connecting with his young daughter. A mysterious shopkeeper and a familiar statue might be able to help him out. Perhaps he can connect with his daughter as a single mother.”

This is my new longest commission, this time it’s for Thrandrall. You can see his other commissioned work on his website:

We plan on making more parts to this animation in the future, although I have quiet a few commissions to do before part 2. It should be a fun to have a story where the guy’s outfit is dependent on what his daughter’s doll is wearing.

Stealing From Sis 10
A Big Popsicle
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5 years ago

I love you’r drawingstyle, it’s amazing and i like the story’s.

5 years ago

Heh. “Miss Arianna” huh?

Gee. I WONDER who she could be.

7 years ago

Interesting story. On to Part 2.

Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

The Sapphire Fox, is the key character in his stories.

7 years ago

Objectively this doesn’t really help the girl, as every child needs a mother and a father

craig henderson
8 years ago

hay sapphirefoxx can i have a gender transformation pls :)3)

9 years ago

Hey why hasn’t this been made a big series yet on here I would of thought that it was going some where with all the following it has

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  Benmd95
9 years ago

Commissions stopped.

9 years ago

Talk about a little girls dream come true! She clearly lost her mom somehow and dad is trying to fill in the best he can trying to make ends meet. How cool is it that dad gets to be the apple of his daughters eye and the daughter gets a barbie for a new mommy. Kind of reminds you of that tyra banks disney channel movie life-size. The butt grab is another fun moment in the transformation too.