A Big Popsicle


  • A New Uniform

  • Wish In The Classroom

  • Wonder Man

  • No Hard Feelings

“The fox has decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own small business. What kind of business? Selling gourmet popsicles of course! Here’s the case of a first time costumer who ends up loving this new brand.”

Hey guess what? This is the first new non-commission that I’ve done in months. Hell, I think the last one might have been ‘Wish In The Classroom’. Everything else has been a commission, a request, or Stealing From Sis. As much as I love commissions, it’s nice to do one of my own ideas for once. Don’t worry though, I didn’t stop production on everything else to make this animation, I’ve been slowly adding to it for weeks now.

Regardless, I’m very pleased with how this one turned out. I prefer transformations where the guy ends up looking like a female version of himself, rather than a completely different person. Plus, I think this might be the sexiest transformation I’ve done yet.

Oh yes, here are the voice actors that I would like to give big shout-outs to:

Woman’s Voice: Sarah Wiedenheft


Man’s Voice: Andrew Absher

Ice Cream Truck Driver’s voice: Logan Frost

You might recognize the ice cream truck driver as Gary from Stealing From Sis. The two new voices, Sarah and Andrew, will be in upcoming animations.

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Profile photo of Macdaddy43
1 month 19 days ago

For me if you are logged out then it will work

Profile photo of MattB
2 months 5 days ago

fix your freebies Sam. its a blank screen for 90% of them. this one specifically isnt even watchable on youtube so the site is literally the only way you can watch it

Profile photo of ShadowWolf2901
2 months 15 days ago

can you make it where you don’t have to download it

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
3 months 12 days ago

well hell the fox has going through some strange ways of transforming people

Profile photo of Vyonne
3 months 15 days ago

Wow that is one hell of a popsicle could some body tell me where I can find one.

Profile photo of Sexycat23xx
6 months 6 days ago

Hey when will this be fix I can’t see the video please fix

Profile photo of 6Duckies
11 months 12 days ago

I cant see the video, it’s only a white screen

Profile photo of JV2013
11 months 25 days ago

I can’t see the video. I only see a white screen on my tablet??

Profile photo of TheHuskyEwok
1 year 22 hours ago

i like how it shows the shape of the nipples

Profile photo of TheHuskyEwok
1 year 11 days ago

if i got one id suck it till i git a F cup

Profile photo of sapphire_foxx_fan
1 year 28 days ago

why cant these exist in real life

Profile photo of TheHuskyEwok
1 year 1 month ago

ill take a Popsicle

Profile photo of mandygurl
1 year 2 months ago

I want a popsicle Mr. ice cream man

Profile photo of Jackyboy1122
1 year 3 months ago

this video makes me so corny

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
1 year 4 months ago

man the foxx used to have some odd ways of changing people to their true gender