A Big Popsicle

By | September 29, 2013


“The fox has decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own small business. What kind of business? Selling gourmet popsicles of course! Here’s the case of a first time costumer who ends up loving this new brand.”

Hey guess what? This is the first new non-commission that I’ve done in months. Hell, I think the last one might have been ‘Wish In The Classroom’. Everything else has been a commission, a request, or Stealing From Sis. As much as I love commissions, it’s nice to do one of my own ideas for once. Don’t worry though, I didn’t stop production on everything else to make this animation, I’ve been slowly adding to it for weeks now.

Model Parent 1
Stealing From Sis 9
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1 year ago

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Mogli Pfz.
1 year ago

At 1:30, 2:00 & 4:04 there are Voicelines are Missing.

1 year ago

You can browse the twitter account for free trainings on cyber security

2 years ago

Wish this was remade

3 years ago

If only I could find a real popsicle that turn my body into one ultra sexy voluptous buoyant white female, I would swallow the whole huge thing, even if it is 30 inches long by 4 inches wide, until it stretches my mouth and my throat to the limit. I hope to develop a super hot female figure

Jenni Noelle
4 years ago

where can I find a popsicle like that? Love the way her breasts swell, would love to get an enormous pair like hers

4 years ago

this video always turns me

4 years ago

Has no one notice that the hands are swapped in some scenes?