The Body Builder

By | September 29, 2013


“This guy is a body builder in more ways than one. I bet you wish you could do what he does, huh?”

Here’s a short commission I’ve made for I plan on making more commissions for that site in the future.

It was nice to make an animation within a few days rather than a few weeks like most do. I don’t think all of these animations need a story because sometimes it’s just nice to watch a guy turn into a sexy woman. And in case you are thinking it, no I haven’t spend the last three week only making this. I’ve finished a much bigger commission in that time, but it won’t be released for about another week.

Model Parent 2
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8 years ago

Quite obvious comment; It’s the body that I’d want to build!!!!

9 years ago

Reminds me of Jamie from ‘Shifting Roommates’