Stealing From Sis 11

By | October 3, 2013

“Just like her brother before her, the real Mariah has been turned into an exact copy of her twin. Why has the Fox swapped these sibling’s bodies, and what will happen to them?”


Hey everyone, here’s the start of Stealing From Sis SEASON 2! I’m sorry for how long it’s taken for this chapter to be released, but they will be coming out more regularly now.

I updated the scene selection so that the links will direct you to a separate page. This was done because the old scene selection didn’t work correctly for everyone, where it would start them at the wrong spot in the video. I’ll retrofit all the old Flashes so they match this new scene selection style.

This is the last free episode of Stealing from Sis. Chapters 12 and 13, which conclude the story, are available only to subscribers.

Voice Actors:

Andrew Absher as Tyler

Lady Astralis as Juliet

SapphireFoxx as Himself

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