Stealing From Sis 11

By | October 3, 2013

“Just like her brother before her, the real Mariah has been turned into an exact copy of her twin. Why has the Fox swapped these sibling’s bodies, and what will happen to them?”


Hey everyone, here’s the start of Stealing From Sis SEASON 2! I’m sorry for how long it’s taken for this chapter to be released, but they will be coming out more regularly now.

I updated the scene selection so that the links will direct you to a separate page. This was done because the old scene selection didn’t work correctly for everyone, where it would start them at the wrong spot in the video. I’ll retrofit all the old Flashes so they match this new scene selection style.

This is the last free episode of Stealing from Sis. Chapters 12 and 13, which conclude the story, are available only to subscribers.

Voice Actors:

Andrew Absher as Tyler

Lady Astralis as Juliet

SapphireFoxx as Himself

Stealing From Sis 1 Through 5
No Hard Feelings
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4 years ago

is that your real voice?!?

5 years ago

“Do you question me now child?”
– Alistair
Best line in SF universe

6 years ago

Mariah to Tyler would love to see what was goin on in that part the storey to

6 years ago

8-11 not on noble also

Reply to  tman.mick
6 years ago


6 years ago

What happened to the more episodes of stealing from sis

Levi D Dalv
Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

From Tyler becoming Mariah at 2:44 and Mariah to Tyler at 5:34 when Julie arrived.

7 years ago

Sapphire i dont hope that this is your real voise :p

Reply to  pepijn
7 years ago

LOL u were using a voice changer 😀

James Caras
Reply to  Kaleb
7 years ago

I can do the voice without artificial help

8 years ago

Well I can watch it

Reply to  Subzero123
8 years ago

subtitles here please!! I can not understand anything of what he says the fox!

ze epic waffle
8 years ago

i cant watch anything on my pc

8 years ago

Strange. I can’t seem to be able to watch the animation. Is it because I’m using an ipad?

Reply to  AlphaZoroark
7 years ago

You need a browser app that suport flash (if you use your ipad)
Or if you use android you can find an old adobe flash app on the internet because adobe dusnt suport android any more so you cant find it in the play store
Or you could just use your pc

8 years ago

Well, we finally find out about the Fox’s origins. I guess it is an Alien Statue, or some sort of alien in the form of a statue. I find it to be about time that the fox speaks. You should fix it in the earlier chapters so that the fox actually talks to Tyler (before he is turned into Mariah).

Reply to  RG
8 years ago

If I remember correctly, the fox did speak to tyler, or was that after the change? …

Reply to  RG
8 years ago

Don’t jump to such conclusions, the true origin of the Fox shall never be known.

Lets Not
Reply to  LightningFox-3360
1 year ago

man these comments did not age well!!!

8 years ago

When will the continue ?

8 years ago

The story is weird but i like your animating:)

8 years ago

I am really not sure about the Foxx monologging, and feeling the need to justify himself, I always felt the Foxx was more a Loki esq figure, tricking, having fun, and with no need to justify himself to anyone. Of course, there was a slight angle in there, about the “old” tyler accepting the her new role better, which made me wonder if someone did not accept what the Foxx has done to them it would break the spell.

8 years ago

I love Stealing from Sis. The voice actors are fun but it’s the animation and story that makes it special.

Chapter 11 was a little sad for me. As far as I can remember I wished I could become a girl. So I felt bad for Mariah as she turned from a hot girl to a guy. I felt her pain when she expressed horror that she now had “man legs”. I am not complaining. Sometimes the best stories are sad. Thanks for another great chapter of a wonderful story.

Reply to  angj80
8 years ago

Dude, really. You want to be a girl. Why would you want that. Sure girls are hot but thats probably the only advantage from going from boy to girl.

So i disagree i think that tg storiez shouldn’t be just specified for guys becoming girls. There should be more girl to boy tg.