Stealing From Sis 12

By | November 15, 2013

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6 years ago

Haha at 5:57 in the back you see the clothes from “A Big Popsicle”

7 years ago

same here

7 years ago

how do you activate captions?

7 years ago

but the beginning is amazing

7 years ago

I wish i had a credit card

Reply to  joeys
2 years ago

Now u can because it’s been 5 years XD

Jack Nielson
8 years ago

It is Great.

rowan williams
8 years ago

intriguing i don’t why they think badly of each other right now but let’s leave for antoher time gotta get breakfast right now see ya later.

9 years ago

While watching S.F.S. chapter 12, it occurred to me that having the thoughts of the two twins be in their original voices might be more effective at conveying the swap. Of course, by this point they both might be thinking in their new gender’s voice. However, if you redo the earlier chapters with sound, that is something to keep in mind.