Stealing From Sis Anniversary

By | November 16, 2015

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James Caras
1 year ago

Quick question. Why is Logan Frost called Larissa ? Is he transgender ?

Moshe Mayer
Moshe Mayer
1 year ago

What are other great websites like this?

4 years ago

MMMMmmm This new release of first chapters is great!. Very very amazing!. Also, the bit of end music, the 30 las seconds, is perfect close to episode. Please, what is the title of theme? Is possible to download complete?. It seems a very good song! Thanks!!!

4 years ago

The animator made a mistake so his nails were polished before they even got polished.

Annika Powers
4 years ago

The original is what made me addicted to sapphire foxx. And the anniversary edition is perfect

Thanks guys.

5 years ago

I’m confused about the necklace. Is that Ruby/Sylvana? Are they working as a team in this continuity?

Reply to  pvbrony
5 years ago

The necklace is mariah’s. always has been. It just caused Tyler to gain her voice..or rather gain her true voice now since she’s Mariah and- oh no I’ve gone cross-eyed 9-6

5 years ago

Excellent remake! Much better with new animation, and dialog. Something that I would like would be the male voice continuing in the ‘thinking’ portion for a while after the change, perhaps to where they are riding in the car. Or, extend this animation another two minutes to have the change happen in the bathroom, after ‘he’ realizes that he is now ‘she’, and she likes Gary. The effect of using both voices for a moment could be extended, kind of like how Christina’s voice duplicated Chris’s in Different Perspectives.

5 years ago

Looking forward to the Wedding Episode when it’s released.