No Hard Feelings

By | October 6, 2013


Stealing From Sis 11
Crossplay 3
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Jenni Noelle
3 years ago

1:14 is one of the best freeze-frame moments in the entire SFU. Look at the size of those things!

3 years ago

Is good

Jenni Noelle
3 years ago

This has long been one of my favorite ‘classic’ animations. I can’t wait for the remake.

3 years ago

Definitely deserving of a remake!

4 years ago

Ahh back in the days when the Fox Statue was just a tool to cause these changes and NOT being a cursed mage undoing his significant others legacy.

Jenni Noelle
4 years ago

I’d love to see a redux of this one, I think there’s a lot of possibilities opened up by it. Would love to see an updated version of the finished product.

Jenni Noelle
Reply to  Jenni Noelle
3 years ago

Foxx, if you’re granting wishes here, I’d love the same gift Eric gets in the video.

4 years ago

Well, well, well such a nice surprise to be able to revisit and see one of my favs on my phone again. I enjoyed it then as I’m enjoying once again. Thanks Sam!

5 years ago

well this animation definentely hasnt aged well. please redo this

6 years ago

for the next anniversary you should redo this animation

7 years ago

Hey, can you redo this animation?

craig henderson
7 years ago

thats the ultamet gift im not even kidding

8 years ago

I see the connection between this and the spread the joy ones.

8 years ago

I love the boobs! What cup size are they?

8 years ago

this 1 is sexy