Crossplay 3

By | October 11, 2013


“John and Amy arrive at the convention and, as Amy predicted, John quickly starts getting hit on by the guys there. How will John cope with being a busty babe in high heels and a revealing outfit while attracting the attention of every man there?”

Part 3 for Crossplay. This one is mainly about John and Amy’s character development and for setting future plot points. Things will certainly be getting hot in the next chapter when John starts to discover just how seductive his new body is against other men. If you want to spoil it for yourself and see what happens next, you can always see Spawnfan’s original comic. Here’s the link for all the Crossplay pages so far!

No Hard Feelings
Sleepless In Seattle
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1 year ago

Just went on to and read the entire Crossplay series by Escafa I have to admit that overall it’s a very good comic series and in true fashion the tg element is well done and the transformation is well placed sapphirefoxx should have continued the colab project because the gender change is present just several pages down the road…

1 year ago

I know you have cancelled this series, but I liked this one, if you ever decide to revisit your decision, I’d like to see the end of this series, even if you did it in the old style of animation

Reply to  rvandewoestyne
1 year ago

If you’d like to see a conclusion to this story, you can find it on Escafa’s DeviantArt page. “Crossplay” is actually an adaptation of Escafa’s comic of the same name, and the reason Sam stopped adapting it was because the comic had no more TG elements beyond where Sam stopped.

0._.0 CyanCoyote
2 years ago

What ! is he a girl or something ?

3 years ago

Bring this back please

3 years ago

Bring this back

Katherine Sera
3 years ago

Any chance of converting these older animations to actual video instead of flash? Flash always messes up my system.

6 years ago

I remember the part when Amy kissed john as he was a girl in front of that guy in the elevator, I find that part a little interesting in someway that I don’t know how to explain it.

Reply to  Shamedude
4 years ago

dude i found that weird
like really weird

6 years ago

Very excited for when my PayPal account gets sets up this next week, and I can catch up on all the story content that I’m behind on!!

6 years ago

it is known to me as the last free animation

bati heym
6 years ago

hey sapphire ! i love your videos but s sewar i have no possibility to pay ! what should i do ??

Reply to  bati heym
5 years ago

You have to pay to watch the newest animations of his,its only 5$ a month 🙂 you can either pay by paypal or by mailing the money to him.

6 years ago

Hmm, I would have thought., the elevator, when Amy is kind of rubbing that otaku’s nose in it about “her boyfriend”, and John complains about rejection, he’d feel sympathy for the guy, go after him and show sympathy possibly leading to..a date..and then..

Shadow Doctrine
Reply to  bella_ts
6 years ago

Yes I agree.

6 years ago

i love this . Wanna see more

6 years ago

Hopefully John gets to dress in a cute formal before the convention is over

6 years ago

YO SAPPHIR DONT TAKE THIS as a threat or insult,but when john and the girl were in the shop sitting don u made johns butt a bit bigger than normal

Reply to  pokemonmewtwo3
6 years ago

Sitting down on a hard surface is one way to get a more female-shaped butt, so there does tend to be a variation in shape standing up/sitting down.

6 years ago

Pls upload new videos after 2 weeks on youtube or here … i can’t pay the 5 $ per month

Misha Kulak
Reply to  TGBro
5 years ago