College Try (1 of 3)

By | March 27, 2024

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3 months ago

I can hear the egg cracking noises from a mile away

James Caras
3 months ago

Quick question. Who is going to get lucky ?

3 months ago

Yeah, that egg’s cracking. Feeling “meh” about going out anywhere until suddenly the glow-up happens, and the more feminine she looks the more she is clearly more comfortable in her own skin? Yeah, you could hear the shell of that egg cracking from mars.

3 months ago

Lovely story. Just my favorite kind. A similar situation happened to me in college over a few days at Halloween time. I loved the girl but was too young and she wanted to be a friend only. I could not deal with it and was kind of jerk to her. I learned, transferred to a different school and met my great wife. 🙂

3 months ago

Ok that was actually very wholesome. Ahhh such a nice breath of fresh air

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 months ago

I love this story so much!

3 months ago

Absolutely in love with this animation! The characters both feel so rich and you learn a ton about them in such a short time. They also feel really charasmatic and relatable. Really cool to see Pearl glow up and have the reason why they can do a girl voice because of trolling on games opposed to a magical necklace. (Id still buy the necklace 100%)

3 months ago

This was…certainly a breath of fresh air. Pros: For their debut appearances, CJ/Pearl and Milani are quite likable and don’t feel shallow. Voice acting was good, as per usual. This one tries some TF/TG methods that haven’t been used before, such as a guy trying to use a practiced feminine voice as opposed to a voice changing collar, bringing more variety to SF. Cons: The episode doesn’t fall into the trap of having an overly long sexual scene. Instead, it seems like that’s being saved for the Beyond version (this is coming from someone who only has a normal SF… Read more »