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Love For A Price

“Life may seem like a dream in one of the idyllic sorcerer cities, but one young man named Aydin has been down on his luck in more ways than one. After one strange encounter, his world is about to get turned upside down.”

Full Service

“Juan is a regular of the local strip club called The Frisky Vixen. When Juan gets a little too forceful with one of the new dancers, she decides to teach him a little lesson in respect.”

Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells

“Set six years after the events of Stealing From Sis, Mariah and Tyler have adjusted very well to their swapped lives. One fateful day, the fox statue returns, but this time to pay a visit to Mariah and Tyler’s cousins: Michael and Hannah. Unfortunately for Michael, this is a very bad time for him to swap bodies with… Read More »

An Untrusting Fiance

“Kelvin has an issue with trusting others, so when his fiance is about to hold her bachelorette party, he’s very nervous over what could happen. If only there was a way he could ease his paranoia by keeping an eye on her during the bachelorette party…”

Second Honeymoon

“Charles and Patricia are newly retired, but something has been missing in their marriage. Charles arranges a vacation to the Caribbean so that they can renew their vows and hopefully revive their marriage. However, it might take something much more drastic to revitalize their feelings for each other…”

Classic Animations

After converting the old version of ‘Wish in the Classroom’, I decided to finally convert all of the old SapphireFoxx animations from Flash to the new video format. These videos are the ones that released before subscriptions were introduced. These days Flash videos are unplayable on nearly all phones and tablets, and Flash is becoming nearly extinct elsewhere.… Read More »