An Untrusting Fiance

By | February 23, 2021

“Kelvin has an issue with trusting others, so when his fiance is about to hold her bachelorette party, he’s very nervous over what could happen. If only there was a way he could ease his paranoia by keeping an eye on her during the bachelorette party…”

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5 days ago

When will episode 8 release?

1 month ago

for all of those an untrusting fiancé fans out there . episode 7 of an untrusting fiancé will be posted nov. 27 th. 2021 and the tagline reads now that kelvin is ‘stuck’ as kelly for the whole weekend .she settles into bed with tom on her first of three nights . however after what happened at his fiancés bachelorett party . the new kelly might not mind slipping under the covers with a hunk like tom . i will be watching this episode will you .

2 months ago

for all those an untrusting fiancé fans . an untrusting fiancé episode 6 will post here on october 7 th. 2021 . the tagline reads kelvin has a lot of thoughts to go through after the bachelorette party . while the evening might be over . it turns out that his weekend is far from over . i will be watching won’t you.

4 months ago

i just found out that episode 5 of an untrusting fiancé will not be a posted on august 17 th. 2021 the good news kelvin’s disguise is working and no one recognized him .including his soon to be wife . the bad news : it turns out his fiancé’s batcelorette party is at a male strip club . and kelvin is going to have to spend the next several hours there . might as well have some fun with the rest of the girls right ..i will be watching will you .

Reply to  shoeflypie1831
4 months ago

sorry that should have read epsoide 5 of an untrusting fiance will be posted on august 17 th 2021 i apoligize for the error

6 months ago

i just found out that an untrusting fiancé episode 4 will come out june 17th. 2021 at and the beyond site. and the tagline is . ” as the night goes on , if there’s an untrusting fiancé in this marriage , it’s looking more to be kelvin rather than reagan don’t leave him alone with cyrus” i will be watching will you be watching .

6 months ago

i think an untrusting fiancé might out perform getting into character by 4 episodes and become the newest longest running sapphirefoxx animation series ever . this is just my thoughts .

Jester Alpha
7 months ago

Is anyone else having an issue with An Untrusting Fiance – Episode 3?It says I need to subscribe but I’m logged in and my account is paid up. I can access the other animations without an issue.