An Untrusting Fiance – Episode 17

By | November 7, 2023

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5 months ago

you guys forgot to put chocker back on in half of these scenes

6 months ago

Well its shitty how things went down its good that kelly and regean are able to break it off now, cause imagine that popping up 10 years down the line.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Willowpoo
6 months ago


6 months ago

I was expecting this episode to go one of two ways. It went one of those ways…sort of.

The episode is surprisingly well-paced.
Mostly consistent animation.
Great deliveries from the voice cast.

Reagan’s voice being distorted by the phone speakers doesn’t make much sense since we see her in-frame.
George taking Kelly’s side at the start of the episode while having the looming fear of Reagan finding out the truth in the same episode forms a somewhat bizarre juxtaposition.

8/10. This episode subverted my expectations, but in a good way.

Last edited 6 months ago by AuraTerrorbird
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
6 months ago

Raegan got lucky, and she got out of relationship with this piece of shit before it was too late.

Kelly was always the asshole who ruined her relationships, because she’s obviously aromatic, but more importantly, a self-centered asshole, which makes aromatic people look like assholes.

Strahd Cat
Reply to  D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
6 months ago

They both deserve better

Last edited 6 months ago by Strahd Cat
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Strahd Cat
6 months ago

I don’t care one bit what Kelly wants. Plus, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t ever interested in relationships, and only convinced herself that she was.

6 months ago

Well, that was a really positive twist, not exactly what I was expecting from the end of the last episode.

I feel really bad for Raegan, though.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  yumei
6 months ago

Same, but Reagan lucked out. Now that she saw Kelly’s true colors, she can move on from her to find a partner that isn’t a narcissist.

6 months ago

There were a few moments in the episode that Kelly suddenly wasn’t wearing the voice necklace, then it appeared again in the next shot.

6 months ago

That was a pretty chill episode now I stuck waiting for the next one 😔