An Untrusting Fiance – Episode 20

By | May 7, 2024

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4 days ago

I haven’t kept up with the series, but I skimmed a bit from where I last watched it (which was easy, since the sex scenes are the immediate “I’m not interested, there’s nothing interesting happening” flag), and I have to say I called it on how things were going to play out, and I legit have to ask the question “why is this series this long?” I think the long series tend to stretch beyond their limits, and this one feels especially so. Kelvin becoming Kelly and experiencing some authentic trans self-discovery is great, and I think the idea of… Read more »

5 days ago

Oh sweet poor Kelly
You didn’t think it was mutual did you?

Frank Emilins
7 days ago

I liked this episode and series, the negativity is undeserved. People like Kelly who get engaged before they know who they are end up in these cycles of disappointment pretty frequently. Its a real problem, and the audience can relate to that and maybe apply it in their own lives. I also like that there is at least one story that is more porn heavy! The strong majority of the other stories right now are very plot driven.

Keep up the good work! I definitely appreciate it!

8 days ago

Can you release versions without pornographic stuff in it?

John Cena
8 days ago

I have to double down on the fact this is SF’s worst series. ANY interesting moments are bogged out by pointless sex scenes that make me roll my eyes each time they happen, breaking the pace completely. Cyrus is a fleabag of shit who is the first person to enable Kelly in the first place and the ending is added to show that Cyrus doesn’t actually care about Kelly that much aside from being a fun person to have sex with. Let’s see how this unfolds though, I do however just want this series to end already.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
8 days ago

I thought that this story was over already?

Why add more drama into this? We already know that Cyrus is a piece of shit; Kelly’s best friend told her that they aren’t all of that they chalk up to be, and that she could be honest with Reagan instead of whatever she did instead.

James Caras
8 days ago

I knew it. Kelly was one of Cyrus’ conquests. What he said was BS.

10 days ago

Rut Ro