Ashes to Ashes

By | February 21, 2019

“A new series staring a troubled warlock named Ash. What could go wrong between him and his spellcasting friends in college?”

Classic Animations
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8 months ago

One thing I liked about this series is that it partly remedied the bad message from Matchmaker, where it made it sound like sorcerers and non-bloods cannot be in romantic relationships because one or the other would be backstabbing bastards/bitches that treat their partners like crap for whatever reason. The series could have almost made Ashley break up with Holly for whatever stupid reason Isabelle might have given and made her side with Chris and Isabelle, defeating the purpose of Ashley and Holly’s growth with themselves and each other (especially since Holly was learning to be more mindful with how… Read more »

Daury Davis
Daury Davis
2 years ago

Holly is such a hypocrite

5 years ago

I just finished watching Ashley transform himself into a drop dead gorgeous babe and I’m totally jealous of him, and wish that I was able to do that to myself.