Ashes to Ashes Episode 3

By | January 27, 2018

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3 days 11 hours ago

I can’t help but wonder if this story line at some point is going to intersect with the “Halloween switch” one again where it will be Ashley not Ash who shows up for the final mass memory spell. Given how Robin’s inner thoughts are going at the end of that a conversation between the two could be interesting.

11 days 18 hours ago

Loving Ashe/ly <3

14 days 23 hours ago

Interestingly Gwen said Damon was an asshole (though she claimed Ash’s cat was more horrible), yet he cared enough to apologize to Riley and Robin for transforming them when Robin was unintentionally made pregnant (causing him to remain stuck as a woman when the spell was supposed to expire) and was willing enough to give Riley a crystal to let her change between different genders until she decides which gender to be in an attempt to try to help with their relationship. I just thought he wouldn’t care about the issue at all after he blamed the couple for not… Read more »

17 days 2 hours ago

I personally think that you should make something similar to scooby doo 2 the movie. In the lab scene. They drink potions it changes them and they try to find more that Chang them back. Only make the potions be created by a pervert.

17 days 19 hours ago

Hope adulte will stay lesbian as her friend introduced her. Too much story where boy becoming girl then found in love with boy. It would be great if boy after being transformed, continue to love girl.

18 days 2 hours ago

i was subcribe but i can’t wacth

19 days 20 hours ago

How to be read a comics? I am newbie

19 days 15 hours ago

Hover mouse over “Comics” in the upper panel, pick the one you wanna read, than pick page (I recommend Page 1 😉 and there you go.

20 days 21 hours ago

If Gwen ever found out the exact details of what Damon did in Halloween Switch and how he almost unintentionally destroyed a powerful relationship indirectly because he was a sore loser over something that wasn’t even cheating, I would if she wonder consider him worse than Ash’s cat

21 days 52 minutes ago

Big misstate. He could not sleep as a woman. He will be a woman with no memory of being a man.

21 days 7 hours ago

now i recoonise ashes voice he’s sen from kekkishi

22 days 6 hours ago

this is my Favorite wish it could happen to me

23 days 9 hours ago

I’m gonna try and make a prediction here. Hope I’m right. I think that by next episode 4, Ashley will become a woman for good. She’ll find out that becoming a girl didn’t stop how she felt, but had the opposite effect and instead increased it. She’ll stay a girl for good in the next episode and find out how much she really loves it. And her dream of her as a girl will come true. Her family will accept her as their daughter, and then Ashley will find out that she’s now attracted to boys. She’ll land herself a… Read more »

23 days 10 hours ago

This seems promising!

23 days 23 hours ago

The ending music is the same music for the Halloween Switch 6 dance scene! I would know considering how many times ive watched it

24 days 1 hour ago

Sorry, Sam, You may think Caroline is your hottest creation, but I am a sucker for redheads and freckles. X//3

24 days 1 hour ago

And my god the Eyes!!! XD