Ashes To Ashes – Episode 10

By | May 17, 2019

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1 year ago

can’t wait for the next episode

1 year ago

Kinda felt like a Marvel reason to have two girls duke it out and lose bits of clothing in the process. Not a complaint. Merely observation.

1 year ago

Love the outro music! 💘 🎶 what song is it?

1 year ago

Hey Isabel, did you ever think that, just maybe, transitioning someone instantly could possibly have negative/difficult to deal with effects on their life?

1 year ago

Moral of the story is that making Izzy angry is a bad idea 🙂

Sgt kian
1 year ago

now that it is conformed that witches and warlocks can be infected by sylvana’s curse i am way more confident to say that in the awakening that sylvana with change the DSC agents into her own witch minions instead of killing them i can’t wait it should be EPIC!!

Sgt kian
1 year ago

Amazing just pure amazing

1 year ago

Cue Holly seeing Isabelle with Ash…. fight!

The Emerald Panther
1 year ago

Ashley’s ex, friends, and family are in for bombshell.
I suspect that Ashley is Piper or Desmond’s descendant, and possibly the key to stopping Sylvana.

1 year ago

Hey Alistair, maybe you should teach Isabelle some diplomacy before you complain about her not being a diplomat…

But Damn Isabelle! Talk about trigger happy!

1 year ago

Chris will be sorry he missed this.

1 year ago

the song is NEFFEX- Rumors

1 year ago

Wait if this is 10 were is 9

1 year ago

This wasn’t one of my favorites but I absolutely loved this one!
Not for the girl vs girl fight but for the curse being lifted from Ashly!!!
I started crying I was so happy!!
How I wish someone could remove my life’s curse!

1 year ago

Reading these comments, I can’t help but laugh. Everyone is on the Izzy is being a jerk bandwagon. However, watching the Animation, both Ashley and Izzy were being jerks. Izzy for trying to remove the curse while invisible, not realizing that Ashley was a Sorcerer/Sorceress as well, Ashley for Attacking Izzy before listening to what she had to say. All-in-all, it’s an excellent Animation. I’m looking forward to more Ashes to Ashes. Keep up the great work!