Ashes To Ashes – Episode 17: The Finale

By | June 17, 2020

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The Emerald Panther
12 days ago

A great ending to one of my favorite series.
Ashley working with Isabelle and Alistair explains why Awakening has gone into hiatus.
It’s good to see that Robin and Riley got a happy ending.
We will probably see Holly again in Awakening or a one-shot.
With Ashes to Ashes ending very close to the events in Awakening, is there any idea when Awakening will come out of hiatus?

16 days ago

nice job

D The Weeb
17 days ago

I love this series. Now I have to catch up on DP and watch Matchmaker

21 days ago

While we haven’t see Damon since episode 5 of Ashes to Ashes, who here agrees that he doesn’t have/get any happy ending or eternal happiness by this point? I most certainly do, and I believe he now has a similar fate to Chloe from Mommy Makeover and Godmother in the sense, he is now a single person who will now only live a life full of regret because he was a complete douchebag with a non-blood couple, his girlfriend and Ashley when she was her true self.

21 days ago

What’s that song during the wedding???

Reply to  evelynnrose
21 days ago

EDIT: Nevermind, found it, lol. New song to add to my playlists.

21 days ago

Robin’s baby is adorable ^^ Katie is a nice name. It’s also nice seeing Robin’s parents there and ones taking care of their beautiful granddaughter

Mina Monet
22 days ago


22 days ago

When looking back on this and Halloween Switch, Damon, in some ways, seems to represent what Isabelle might have become if she had never met Alastair. Both Damon and Isabelle used magic to get revenge on non-bloods for almost petty reasons, but while Isabelle’s actions were not found out by the DSC due to Alastair finding out about them first, Damon got in trouble for his actions (he also probably would have been sent to jail if he didn’t ask Ashley to bail him out). In addition, Damon’s revenge plan went too far and wrong when Robin got pregnant as… Read more »

22 days ago

My biggest question is how does she have service on his islad

22 days ago

While im sure we havent seen the last of Ashley, Holly, a likely some others I love this ending. Now im wondering if Chris becomes Alisteirs’s third helper since we saw him use the cure spell in Top it off so easily. I could totally see a big group growing from this more. Who knows, Ashley’s Input may help some people better accept the change… (Micheal and Hannah, maybe???)

22 days ago

does robin have the curse?
and will it be defused by ashley?
for a next mini series?

JD Washington
22 days ago

Sorry for the spam; I just thought that all these text would be better off in separate comments. So, that about sums up what I want to say. So far, Ashes to Ashes is one of my favorite series here in this site – maybe top 2, behind Getting Into Character. (7/7)

Thank you for producing this wonderful story, and as always, I’m looking forward to more awesome stories like this one.

JD Washington
22 days ago

That reminds me, whatever happened to Damon? I thought he would be more involved with the story since he was the reason Robin and Riley switched in the first place, and that he was the one who introduced Ash to them. My best guess is that after the shit he pulled with Ashley in the club, Ashley probably doesn’t want to deal with Damon’s bullshit anymore, and just cuts him off entirely. If that’s the case, that’s good. He was a bitch-ass punk, punk-ass bitch anyway. (6/7)

JD Washington
22 days ago

There’s something that kind of puzzles me, though. Near the end, Robin said “You’re the one who inspired me to stay as a woman, Ashley.” Does this imply that Ashley reverted back their memories about her so that Robin and Riley would remember that Ashley used to be a man? Well, I could see Ashley doing that, since I think she would want to share to Robin the perspective of someone who actually proceeded with the transition from man to woman, so that Robin would be absolutely sure whether she decides on staying or changing back. (5/7)

22 days ago

Ever think about providing music credit?