Ashes To Ashes – Episode 15

By | March 27, 2020

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3 months ago

Xavier: Relatable, very very relatable

3 months ago

I would so love to see what other character combinations Ashley and Holly come up with for future animations. However because this website is mostly about mtf transformations and they are mostly doing ftf transformations then I would think they would do this during one of Ashley’s gender curse removal missions.

3 months ago

you guys need more like this just 2 hot laddies

4 months ago

I want them to do a swap poker

Bennett LeLacques
6 months ago

Xavier… I’m going to assume that you’re using a bit of magic to make up for your lack of opposable thumbs while using that phone.
I have to ask… why?
Having a video recording of this is a bad, bad idea…

7 months ago

when there switch bodies do there DNA change too?

9 months ago

This could get really interesting if Chris and Isabelle run into Holly. I’ve been wondering about this since discovering Holly revealed her true self to Ashley.

9 months ago

Oh shit

9 months ago

Oh boy… please dont come out as scarlett… O.o

9 months ago

Is Ashly gonna turn out to be one of Alesteir and Sylvana’s decedents too. We know Izabel is Ivy’s descendent, so if Ashly is a ruby she would have to be Piper or Desmond’s? We saw her at Nora’s funeral so maybe she’s going to turn out to be a distant cousin and play a part in the coming fight. Even though the kids never had Sylvana’s curse Ashly could have easily gotten it from another of her lineage.

JD Washington
Reply to  DalkothSeer
9 months ago

I don’t think that’s likely to happen. If Ashley is indeed Alistair’s descendant, Alistair should have known during the time that they met, similar to how Alistair immediately knew Isabelle was his descendant during “Too Good to Put Down”.
Also, Ashley would have been considered to donate her blood to remove Alistair’s statue curse during “Awakening”, and not fully depend on Isabelle’s blood.

That’s just my hypothesis, though. I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

9 months ago

I don’t know about anyone else but I would just LOVE to see Ashley stay as Scarlett permanently and Holly stay as Robin. I would LOVE to be Scarlett myself always.

Mina Monet
9 months ago


James Caras
9 months ago

It wouldn’t surprise me if Xavier posted that video.

The Emerald Panther
9 months ago

Chris running into Holly could get awkward once she finds out that Chris and Isabelle are now a couple, not to mention living together.
Just when I thought things were going to settle down slowly on the last few episodes of Ashes To Ashes.

Reply to  The Emerald Panther
9 months ago

In the previous animations/comics, there usually tends to be one last problem (doesn’t matter if it’s major or minor) before everything goes right by the final episode/chapter. I kind of predicted something bad was going to happen before the final episode considering how many final bad things that have happened previously in animations/comics.

9 months ago

Love Holly’s cheesy acting. Bet thing might get weird when she meets Chris again.