By | February 21, 2019

“Two explorers get more than they bargained for when they uncover a piece of treasure in an ancient underground fortress. What they found was not sealed away to protect it from people, the ancients sealed it away to protect people from it. Little do these explorers realize what they have unleashed on the world.”

Becoming A Bridesmaid
Ashes to Ashes
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19 days ago

Is the story going to continue

1 year ago

Every time I hear one of Sylvana minions call her master, I want to hit something. Master is for a man, mistress is for a woman. Does Sam not know the difference?

Reply to  Obsidian_Wolf
1 year ago

That’s not necessarily true. A woman can be referred to as a master. For example, if a woman owns a dog, you wouldn’t call her that dog’s mistress. She’s that dog’s master. The term “mistress” has a much different meaning by today’s standards than it did a century ago, like how “gay” means something much different than it did a hundred years ago. Now the term “mistress” implies that she’s sleeping with married men, and that’s not what Sylvana is doing. Sam certainly knows the difference between a master and a mistress. But for what Sylvana is, master works better… Read more »

Reply to  Zillatrek
1 year ago

Did not know that

The Obsidian Wolf
The Obsidian Wolf
1 year ago

How the hell did Sylvana bring Miss Reed back from the dead? The explosive rune blow a good chuck out of her neck.

1 year ago

What comes after awakening? What do I watch if I want to continue this story

Lets Not
Reply to  Watchmojodotcom
10 months ago

nothing but maybe “Stars, bars, and stripes” because that goes 3 years after “Awakening” but is not really even connected.

2 years ago

well done foxxx!