Awakening 11

By | July 7, 2019

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1 day ago

Ok so either it was a mistake or on purpose, but if you look closer at the tombstone of the late Norah Arrington it reads 1936-2018 which means Norah was 82 years old when she died can someone tell me if that was a mistake in animations or done on purpose

8 months ago

When is episode 12 of awaking going to be posted cause it’s the 17th already it’s still not up yet

10 months ago

When will the next part be ?

11 months ago

salvanna will DIE /r RIP Norah Arrington

11 months ago

Wait. Is alistare in his human form now or in a construct of his himan form?

Reply to  not-soji
11 months ago

Construct, he needs a few more days to break the curse and regain his true form

Candi the Kitty Witch
1 year ago

Makes me Want to bring in my Lich OC. They know Blood Magic, a Specific Kill Spell call heart Grasp. they’ll See their Target’s heart and Grasp it with a Spectral Hand and Crush it. perfect for Dealing with Bigot Mages.

1 year ago

Things never change. Once someone has that thirst for power, they will in anyways try to bring in the weak, poor, or to anyone that will listen and follow. History will never be learned. Only repeat over and over again. No matter what the surrounding.

1 year ago

This girl is Sylvana IRL, Australian dancer was on Strictly Come Dancing the UK, Dianne Buswell,

Reply to  chapling12345
1 year ago

Well apart from the ultimate evil incarnate bit..

1 year ago

Are all of the women wearing the exact same dress?

1 year ago


The Emerald Panther
1 year ago

Rest in peace to all the casualties.
On the bright side, being powerless is only temporary while death is permanent.
Does anyone have a total on how many people died facing Sylvana?
After this Sylvana is very likely the most wanted criminal in the sorcerer world.
So that’s what happened to Noah and Alistair’s dead daughter that was the mercenary captain in King’s Heirs was referring to.
It’s nice to see that Ashley and Isabelle end up as friends.

Paul Sell
Reply to  The Emerald Panther
1 year ago

Actually, Slyvana can’t be referring to Piper. Slyvana did her worldwide cursing of non-bloods and turning them into women in retaliation for non-bloods killing her oldest daughter, which would have happened before she got turned into a statue and imprisoned. But Piper was still alive after her mother had been imprisoned. It’s impossible to bring the dead back to life (just ask Lorraine) so Piper couldn’t have been resurrected, so that has to mean that Piper wasn’t Slyvana’s oldest daughter. The only conclusion is that Slyvana and Alistair had a fifth child, and the non-bloods killed her.

Reply to  Paul Sell
1 year ago

The incident Sylvana mentioned in this episode is also probably the reason why Noah lost his right arm and right leg since she mentioned he barely escaped alive and it is shown in The King’s Heirs that he had two metal limbs to replace the ones he lost. It’s really amazing that despite Sylvana being completely corrupted in her beliefs, she still loves and cares about her children due to her grief over her eldest daughter’s death and her anger towards Alastair for “taking” her children away from her. It’s likely she planned on teaching them to hate non-bloods like… Read more »

1 year ago

Who else will Sylvana recruit for her cause? Perhaps sorcerers that never had great relationships with non-bloods, had failed relationships with non-bloods or don’t have the same compassion towards them (such as Elsa from Godmother). Chloe from Mommy Makeover and Godmother might possibly get recruited due to her now having a life of regret over choosing her career over her family and not seeing her son anymore (Sylvana could take advantage of this and “help” her see her son again since Sylvana will never see her children again as they are all dead). While Ashley has now lived a mostly… Read more »

1 year ago

Sylvana is the worst villain I’ve ever seen. Just because something happened to her back then, doesn’t mean it will happen in this period of time. She is definitely a manipulative Psychopath! Great work on this latest Animation!

James Caras
1 year ago

Rest in peace, Nora. God knows you deserve it.

1 year ago

Is she going to convert the male sorcerers that joined her

Sgt kian
Reply to  Ashelygirl11
1 year ago

I kinda hope so as we know that her curse can definitely affect sorcerers too

Reply to  Ashelygirl11
1 year ago

probably not, because that goes against her code.